YK Chan’s Personal Full Profile A man’s greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world but in the ability to remake himself

Yk Chan’S Profile

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Page 1: Yk Chan’S Profile

YK Chan’s Personal Full Profile

A man’s greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – but in the ability to remake himself

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Part 1: Early Business Start-up into IT Industry

Part 2: Diversification into Education Industry & Human Resource Development (HRD)

Part 3: Entrepreneur turned Business Consultant

Appendix : Role play and contribution in HRD

Page 3: Yk Chan’S Profile

Early Business Start-up into IT Industry (1980s)

• Mr Chan is a self-made entrepreneur since 12 years old by helping his mother to

support the livelihood of the family in the market at Gopeng, Perak.

• Age 19, seek employment and started exploiting his resilience by venturing into

business development – started first Computer Trading Company at the age of 29

• Mr Chan joined Hewlett Packard (HP), and diversified his business into a holistic

IT Service Provider and successfully securing Multi-Million Project from various

Multinational Companies, Public Listed Companies and Governmental Project.

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Serviced Clientele:


• Earned the privileged Million-Dollar Club Membership from Hewlett Packard (one of the 50 awarded members who had successfully contributed 60% of the Total annual revenue)

• Obtained opportunities to gain much insight into the business model, management system of various industries

Multinational Company:

Yamaha Electronics (M) Berhad, Schindler Manufacturing (M) SdnBhd, Kurz Production (M) Sdn Bhd, Bromma (M) Berhad, Natsteel (M) Sdn Bhd

Public Listed Company:

Tasek Cement Berhad, Ipoh Garden Berhad, Rubberex Berhad, Ipmuda Berhad, Kumpulan Perubatan Johor

Governmental Project: 8 Polytechnics IT turnkey projects worth RM 24 million

Early Business Start-up into IT Industry (1980s)

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Diversification into Education Industry & Human Resource Development (1990s)

• Mr Chan’s achievement in IT industry has given him the encouragement to venture into his second business as a Professional Multimedia and IT Training Provider.

• With close interaction with the students, parents and industrialists, Mr Chan realized that Human Capital was the driving force in catalyzing business growth and success.

• Mr Chan began to establish his close working relationship with the Ministry of Human Resources , Ministry of Education and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC)

• Mr Chan focus on “mindset education” as the key factor to sustain HR competitiveness in the global environment.

• He then invested heavily into his in-depth research of Human Resource Development (HRD)

NOTE: Please refer Appendix for Mr Chan’s role play and Contribution in HRD

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• By combining his previous experiences in IT system and HRD, Mr Chan is convinced that having the right system and right programme for HRD is not sufficient to bring transformative value to a Company; Eventually, “People Mindset” is the catalyst of Change.

• Having such belief in mind, Mr Chan then venture into Business Consultation by setting up CDC Career Development Centre.

• The Mission of CDC is to provide mindset education to the Bosses in achieving the wealth of skill and knowledge required to sustain competitiveness in the global environment

• Mr Chan believes that the greatest results are achieved only when an entrepreneur (a leader/ a boss) is able to develop a clear sense of his unique self in his business conduct whereby he will harness the essential element of business with insightful vision, great passion and honorable values. Because “How we do our business is just as important as the business we do!”

Entrepreneur turned Business Consultant

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There are 3 major components of business consultation:

1) Mindset coaching (Leadership coaching programme), which includes:-

– Cultivation of Entrepreneurial mindset among the bosses

– Cultivation of Positive work attitudes among managerial and executive level employees

2) Business Management System, which comprises of:-

the setting up and implementation of a series of modularized and personalized

organizational management system for the organization namely, Cash Flow and Accounting

Management System, Finance Management, Corporate Culture, Risk Management and

Operation Management

Entrepreneur turned Business Consultant

Service Offered:

Page 8: Yk Chan’S Profile

3) Business Development, which encompasses:-

Developing and Implementing Competitive Business Model by looking realistically at

customer segments and value proposition, assessing business viability and revenue stream,

identifying channel and developing marketing strategy, determining financial plan and cost

structure, formulating business partnership and redefining the Business Model

Entrepreneur turned Business Consultant

Service Offered:

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Entrepreneur turned Business Consultant

Key Customers:

Maturing timeline

Newly Start up







Enough customer base to generate cash to stay in business


Stages of Growth

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Mr Chan’s Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

• Appendix 1

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Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

A. A Role Model in the ICT Apprenticeship Programme (under Ministry of Human Resource)

• To complement the Ministry of Human Resource effort in increasing the marketability of

Malaysian youth and cultivating a pool of skilled workforce, Mr Chan has actively

participated in an assortment of training schemes under PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber

Manusia Berhad)

• Mr Chan’s committed contribution in Human Resource Development had forged him

ahead of the other training providers in the nation; thus conferring him with the honorary

title of “role model”.

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An active player in ministerial round-table talk

• Mr Chan’s achievement on the local scene has gained him greater recognition in the

Government circles

• He was constantly invited to participate in various brainstorming sessions on content

development, policies improvement and other issues pertaining to HRD, ie: work culture,

work ethics, skill set development & etc

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Participating in the Brainstorming session with Ministry of Human Resource (PSMB) on how to enhance the quality of Malaysian work force through Positive Work Culture


Page 13: Yk Chan’S Profile

The Advisor in Content Development

In recognition of his contribution in the field of HRD,Mr Chan was invited to participate in the

Ministry of Education’s “Train-the-Trainer Programme” to incorporate aspects of ICT and

Creative Multimedia for the Polytechnic and Community Colleges in the country.

Mr Chan was assigned by the Ministry of Human Resource to develop A Skill Specialization

Blueprint for Building SMI Competitiveness through the Human Resource Development

Programmes, named Advanced Knowledge for 7 modules (AK47).

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD


Page 14: Yk Chan’S Profile

B. The Think-Tank Member in MDC

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Interactive session with Australia Governmental HRD institutions to obtain insights into their human capital development concept

i) Participated in the National Delegation • Mr Chan also participated in ministerial delegations to Australia and Canada together with the

MDC (Multimedia Development Corporation) to study these countries’ Life-Long Learning

educational philosophy, model and practices in cultivating their Human Capital.

• Such delegations have resulted in his fruitful future exploration into a wider scope of Human

Resource Development.

Page 15: Yk Chan’S Profile

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Achievement & Contribution

• Mr Chan was invited by MDC to present a conceptual paper in “Promoting Creative Industry through ICT” to the Sarawak State Government

Mr Chan had proposed an educational model based on the synergy between the Government, Industrialists and Communities for economic growth

He developed another Training Programme, named Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) with its objective to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity into the youth minds through the integration of 4 major disciplinary, thus ICT, Communication, Creative Art and Music

Mr Chan was invited to represent MDC in its nationwide seminar, “Catalyzing Economic Growth through ICT” in the State of Sarawak where he had presented his conceptual paper on ILP.

Subsequently, Mr Chan invested 2 solid years to pilot run the ILP Project in 15 secondary schools, involving 3000 students which blossomed into remarkable outcome endorsed by the school authorities.

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C. The CEO Mindset Builder and Coacher

(i) Deputy Chairman of Entrepreneur Development Bureau

• Being an active player in the business arena, Mr Chan was appointed as the Deputy Chairman

of the Entrepreneur Development Bureau in 2002 by the SMI Association of Malaysia.

• In order to nurture a more dynamic generation of young and passionate entrepreneurs, Mr

Chan has started a New Entrepreneur Programme (NEP) to provide a comprehensive guide on

business start-up for budding bosses.

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

The moment of enlightenment that most cherished by Mr Chan –knowledge gained through “Sharing and Learning”

Page 17: Yk Chan’S Profile

• (ii) Chairman of SMI Consultation Bureau

• In year 2003, Mr Chan was made the Chairman of SMI Consultation Bureau under the SMI

Association of Malaysia. His responsibility involves strategizing overall planning and

implementation of related SMI Human Capital Development activities towards gaining

competitive advantage in the globalized business environment.

• Mr Chan has designed a SMI Enhancement Programme (SEP) to assist the SMIs in

adopting new concepts of business management

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Part of the Many Customized Courses targeted to SMI Bosses which were developed by Mr Chan

Page 18: Yk Chan’S Profile

D. Guest Speaker in Star FM988 and Columnist in Sin Chew (Investment Weekly)

• With Mr Chan’s active role-play in the assigned Bureau, he was then invited to become the Guest

Speaker and a Special Columnist in the Entrepreneurship Programme on Radio Station Star RFM988

and Sin Chew Investment Weekly respectively.

• This has given a much bigger stage for Mr Chan to share his knowledge extensively. The dissemination

of the right message and information through mass media was an alternate channel of

communication to the SMI bosses.

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Page 19: Yk Chan’S Profile

E. Public Speaker

(i) SMI Seminar and Workshop Organizer cum TrainerMr Chan had also spearheaded a series of SMIs seminars and workshops comprising of various issues to educate the SMIs employers on the fundamentals of Business Managements.

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Meeting people from all walks of life had given Mr Chan the opportunity to observe the rising issues faced by the SMIs in a wide scope

Page 20: Yk Chan’S Profile

(ii) Conducted a Market survey on 608 SMIs

• To further understand the SMIs current situation, Mr Chan self-funded a market survey on

a sample group of 1,000 companies from various industrial segments such as E&E, Food,

Wood-based Products, Rubber-based Products, Steel-based Industry, Machinery, Plastic

and etc.

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

Page 21: Yk Chan’S Profile

(ii) Organizing Chairman (Perak) in SMI Financial Solution Road Show 2004

• Mr Chan was appointed as the organizing chairman for “SMI Financial Road Show 2004” under the leadership of YB Dato’ Dr Ng Yen Yen The Minister of Finance 1 with the objective to assist the SMIs in obtaining financial options with accurate and updated information on Governmental incentives.

• The turnout was overwhelming and Mr Chan had took on the opportunity to submit his SMI Survey report to the Director of SME Special Unit under Bank Negara, on the financial predicament faced by the SMIs .

Active Role Play and Contributions in HRD

The SMI Financial Road Show had received overwhelming response from the SMI Bosses