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  1. 1. @SEOBrien Why Where Matters The Business of You
  2. 2. @SEOBrien Silicon Valley Austin
  3. 3. @SEOBrien Silicon Valley Austin
  4. 4. @SEOBrien Lifestyle Balance Bootstrap Lean Entrepreneurial Ambitious Disruption Investment Experienced Collaborative
  5. 5. @SEOBrien $325 Billion vs. $100 Billion Silicon Valley Austin
  6. 6. @SEOBrien Silicon Valley Austin
  7. 7. @SEOBrien
  8. 8. @SEOBrien Because it's convenient Because it's what I know That's where the market is found Start with Why
  9. 9. @SEOBrien Philosophies, of the people around whom you live and work, define the culture. Culture creates communities. Communities create businesses. Businesses foster industries and industries blend to drive economies. The economy in which you work is the result of the shared philosophies and culture therein
  10. 10. @SEOBrien Where Purpose Location
  11. 11. @SEOBrien Location Industry Stage Why
  12. 12. @SEOBrien Be in the Business of You Personal, Business, & Professional Your purpose - Why you work How you accomplish that Fundamental beliefs Brand Mission Vision Core Values
  13. 13. @SEOBrien To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. To give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Where Why Purpose
  15. 15. @SEOBrien You Are A Business of You Mission Why, Who, & Where Vision What, When, and How
  16. 16. @SEOBrien To accelerate later stage venture capital access and adoption in Texas. Enable market intelligence and marketing experience to foster media sophistication and efficiency in collaboration. Collaboration, Disruption, Innovation, Analytics, Earning, Credibility, Commitment, Openness I Am in the Business of Me
  17. 17. @SEOBrien Be in the Business of You @AccelerateTexas