Why Engagement Matters

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Head of Organisation Development at Genesis Housing Association, Dan Hardaker presents 'Why Engagement Matters' at Learning Pool Live London 2013

Text of Why Engagement Matters

  • 1.Why engagement matters. Dan Hardaker Head of Organisation Development Genesis Housing Association

2. It doesnt. Theres no point your staff being engaged in making cookies unless youre a bakery 3. Engagement + Involvement + Direction. 4. Engagement. 5. Providing great serviceEngagement. Pitfall 1: what does it mean?I take pride in the work I doI put customers at the heart of everything I do47,000,000 definitions not about I would recommend Genesis as a good place to workawards!Pride & AdvocacyENGAGED AT GENESISI am proud to work for GenesisI am committed to playing my part in helping Genesis become a Leading Property Based Service ProviderI feel motivated to go the extra mile for GenesisDriving success at Genesis 6. Engagement. Engaging For Success. This is about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential. David Macleod http://www.engageforsuccess.o rg/ 7. Engagement. Pitfall 2: Its no good on its own. 8. Engagement. HighEngagementHostages 15%Apostles 36%Is turnover really such a bad thing?Fence-sitters 28%Disconnected 19%Mercenaries 2% HighLowLoyalty 9. Engagement. HighContent ambivalent 6% I believe there are opportunities for me to develop my career at GenesisSatisfied ambitious 44%People StrategyFence-sitters 12%Indifferent 12%Frustrated ambitious 27% HighLow I would like to progress my career at Genesis 10. Involvement. 11. Involvement. Engagement champions. Action planning toolkit. Competition & peer pressure. Across HR embedded into employee lifecycle from induction. Culture change, not just a one-off. 12. Direction. 13. Direction. I support Genesis' Corporate Strategy and objectivesLoose cannons 6%Fully aligned 63%Fence-sitters 16%Disconnected 7%Cynics 8% HighLow I have a good understanding of Genesis' Corporate Strategy and objectives 14. Dont get caught up in surveys and awards. 15. Involve your people. They already know the answers. 16. Do something visible. 17. So, why does it matter? 18. Any questions? @danhardaker dan@danhardaker.com