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The eLearning industry is constantly evolving - in an attempt to find the most relevant business model organizations are constantly restructuring and revaluating their businesses the service provider profiles are also changing. In this environment, while organizations focus on restructuring to enhance their differentiators, marketing priorities take a back-seat. eLearning companies can rev up their marketing programs by partnering with specialists.


  • 1. Marketing Model for eLearning Companies

2. The Business Has Evolved Global market (corporate and academic) is projected to reach $168.8 billion by 2018* No longer restricted to web-based courseware development Integrated into departments with performance management initiatives Diverse delivery mediums Collaborative learning methods High-tech interventions * http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-market-for-elearning-to-reach-169-billion-by-2018-private-tutoring-nears-103-billion-in-market-value-180027521.html 3. The Solution Providers Have Diversified Generic solution providers to all industries Solution providers with niche industry or domain focus Medium and large IT companies with eLearning as one of the services Consulting companies with eLearning integrated into large scale organization development solutions 4. The Challenges eLearning Companies Face Constant struggle to find the most appropriate spot in market Need to build skills and strengths to match up with diversified learning and delivery methods Catching up with constantly evolving technologies Lack of stakeholders bandwidth And above all, sales targets and demanding customer satisfaction 5. AND AS A RESULT, MARKETING IDEAS AND PLANS HARDLY SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY 6. The Truth is - You Can Even Start Without Any Dedicated Resources Add marketing flavor to ongoing traditional sales outreaches Create cross-selling and up-selling ammos that BDMs can carry along Embed digital campaigns around already budgeted tradeshow visits Determine two things you are best at and get your select employees talking like marketers Look for best of your work and get industry recognition 7. STILL FEEL CHALLENGED TO START? 8. Let White Ideas Media be Your Marketing Partner We bring domain knowledge and experience to run the show with minimal bandwidth of internal team We exactly know what it takes to work, therefore can show results in shorter timeframe We extend offshore cost advantages 9. White Ideas Media Specializes in: Content Strategy and Development (Website, Collateral, Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies) Holistic Industry Outreach ( Events, PR, Awards) End-to-end product launches (Conceptualization, Brand Identity, Microsites, Communication, Digital Media) www.whiteideasmedia.com We are all ears talktous@whiteideasmedia.com