What Kind of Tools Does Human Resources Use

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This presentation covers the important tools that a HR department needs to function efficiently. With the wide variety of online tools available, a HR department can utilize Social Media to significantly help with hiring.

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2. Functions include skills-matching, CV parsing and job posting to multiple channels, including social media Allows hirers to create specific communities based on skills and location APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEMS (ATS) 3. Jobseekers access job listings from mobile devices and many apply using these devices Four main mobile recruiting tools are QR codes, text alerts, apps, and mobile-optimized websites MOBILE RECRUITING TOOLS 4. Applying game mechanics to non- game environments like recruitment Use as an attraction or engagement tool, and to quickly identify people with certain skills GAMIFICATION 5. Use enterprise social networks such as Yammer and Jive to share and exchange information Can help integrate recruitment with the rest of the organization COLLABORATIVE TOOLS 6. Identifies real-world geographic positions of a person to alert potential candidates to job vacancies Location is one of the three most important aspects of a job search LOCATION TECHNOLOGY 7. Picks up subtle emotional clues and body language in the early stages of the recruitment process Interviews can be recorded and then shared with everyone in the hiring process VIDEO INTERVIEWING 8. Use advanced searching techniques to seek out hard-to- find talent on social and professional networks Utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, BeKnown, and XING INTERNET SOURCING 9. Easiest way to receive and manage job applications More efficient than email and simpler than any other recruitment software RECRUITERBOX 10. Visit recruiterbox.com Sign up for a free account today! FOR MORE INFORMATION