Using Social Media to Engage Talented Workers

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In today’s global economy, companies are attracting talented workers beyond community borders. With more talented workers using the internet to connect locally and globally, hear strategies using social media to attract, connect and retain workers for your community

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2. Meeting Agenda 1. Your presenters today 2. Recap of last session 3. A Formative idea for todays session 4. Talent Attraction from 30,000 feet 5. Audiences for Social Media and Talent Attraction 6. Case studies for Rural Communities 7. 3 Tactics and Tools to use when engage a workforce 8. Case Studies for Metro Communities 3. Insert CTA Header YOUR PRESENTERS TODAY GuillermoMazier/status/ 393872715871825920/photo/1 4. Formative Idea for Todays Session Your current and prospective workforce is now in control of when and how they access information during the purchase process. Gallup has discovered that having a good job is now the great global dream; its the number one social value for everyone. This is one of our most powerful findings ever. A good job is more important than having a family, more compelling than democracy and freedom, religion, peace and so on. Those are all very important but they are now subordinate to the almighty good job. So it follows that everything turns on delivering this ultimate need. 5. WE WONT TELL.. HOW OLD ARE YOU? POLL QUESTION: 6. Poll Question: How many organizations have a program dedicated to Talent Attraction? 7. Poll Question: What is the most effective way to use social media for your Talent/Workforce Attraction program? 8. WORKFORCE ATTRACTION MARKETING FROM 30,000 FT 9. THE TALENT ATTRACTION LANDSCAPE Labor force demographics will shift profoundly: When it comes to attracting employees with critical skills, the task becomes even more challenging. Today, 65% of global companies and more than 80% of companies in fast-growth economies are having problems finding employees with the skills they need, according to Towers Watson, an HR consultancy. 10. PLEASE, MARKET TO YOUR WORKFORCE 11. Why cant companies find the right talent despite the growing ranks of college-educated workers and the high unemployment in some of the best- educated markets? 12. THE TALENT ATTRACTION LANDSCAPE 1. Problems attracting critical-skill employees Desperate for workers, many companies will become more accepting of diverse employees, particularly older workers and women. 2. The talent market is increasingly global and mobile Economic development and greater integration across markets in the past few decades have caused many talented people to explore career opportunities overseas. 3. Employees gain more bargaining power The employer will no longer define the workplace; rather, employees priorities and preferences will dictate what the future workplace will look like, particularly now that technology makes it easier than ever to design a variety of flexible arrangements. Companies operating in aging societies will have to craft methods to engage or re-engage the experienced base of talent. Companies that fail to respond to this change and do not succeed in redefining their employee value proposition will fail to attract, retain or develop talent effectively. 13. TORONTO & COCA COLA 14. 40% percent of workers plan to look for a new job within the next 6 months with 69% using social media to do it. Source: 2013 Ranstad Staffing Study 15. Poll Question: Has anyone ever seen any measurable increase to their talent attraction efforts through marketing ? 16. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE 17. Insert CTA Header 5 TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR WORKFORCE ATTRACTION EFFORTS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA 18. 1. BLOG IF YOU CAN Blogs have established themselves as a key part of online culture. Two surveys by the Pew Internet & American Life Project indicate that 8 million American adults say they have created blogs; blog readership jumped 58% as of 2012 and now stands at 27% of internet users; and 12% of internet users have posted comments or other material on blogs. 19. TOP 10 REASONS TO BLOG 1) Search engine benefits 2) Marketing differentiation 3) Infinite search life 4) A cost-effective business developer 5) Your content engine 6) Direct sales 7) Indirect connections 8) PR 9) New product development 10)Crisis management 20. 2. DEVELOP YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION Developing a clear and compelling value proposition is the first part of producing great marketing for Talent Attraction. In many ways it is the most important part of the process. After all, how can you sell a community, product or service if you cant articulate its value? 1. Identifying customer benefits 2. Linking these benefits to mechanisms for delivering value 3. Mapping the basis for differentiation 21. DEVELOP A POSTIONING STATEMENT 22. 3.USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO DRIVE WORKFORCE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE Use social media to drive traffic to your site and provide solutions to TALENT, as well as services to expanding businesses Your site is your platformfor first impressions, for storytelling, for capturing attention and most importantly for starting a conversation 23. YOUR WEBSITE IS YOU ONLINE Your website is an outreach of your communitythink of how you extend in-person greetings to your workforce, and try, as hard as you can, to deliver that message and tone online Your site is not static, its living and breathingit takes incredible attention and detail, but it will deliver incredible results 24. WEBSITES FOR STORY TELLING 25. 4.DEVELOP A FULLY INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA AND BEYOND Workforce research Brand Development Logo development Campaign Strategy Social Media Trade Shows Digital Ambassador Campaign Public Relations Events A World-Class Website (one that enables conversations) 26. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IDEA DEVELOP TALENT PERSONAS BONUS: TIP 5 27. Persona Name Techy Ted (Talent type, Workforce,) REAL QUOTES: Include a few real quotes taken during your interviews that represent your persona well. This will make it easier for employees to relate to and understand your persona. COMMON OBJECTIONS: Identify the most common objections your persona will raise during the sales process. Identifying how your target audience buys will help you tell a better story. 28. Persona Name MARKETING MESSAGING: How should you describe your solution to your persona? ELEVATOR PITCH: Make describing your solution simple and consistent across everyone in your community. Establishing your messaging prepares your entireorganization toconvey the same message. USE REAL PEOPLE 29. Sample Sally BACKGROUND: Head of Human Resources Worked at the same company for 10 years; Married with 2 children (10 and 8) Loves the outdoors DEMOGRAPHICS: Female Age 30-45 Dual HH Income: $140,000 Suburban IDENTIFIERS: Calm demeanor Probably has an assistant screening calls Asks to receive collateral mailed/printed SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook Twitter Blogs 30. NASHVILLE, WORKIT 31. Questions 32. Thank you! Contact information: 1128 Grant St. Denver, CO 80205 Contact: Guillermo Mazier t: 303.292.3300 x 232 LinkedIn Profile | LinkedIn Group | Twitter | Blog | Slidespace