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  • 1. BLACKBAUD INTERACTIVEInnovative Higher Education Fundraising in 2012: SocialNetworking & Peer-To-Peer Engagement05/01/2012

2. SOCIAL NETWORKING AND HIGHER E D U C AT I O N : W H E R E D O W E S TA N D ?05/01/2012 2 3. 2012 SOCIAL NETWORK TRENDS 93.3% have a presence on at leaston social network 4 out of 5 (81%) nonprofitsindicate that they find their socialmedia efforts valuable The top 3 factors for success:Strategy (41%), Prioritization(37%), and Dedicated Staff (28%) 33% of organizations have at least1 FTE dedicated to social mediaSource: Nonprofit Social Network BenchmarkReport, Blackbaud, NTEN, Common Knowledge,05/01/20122012. 4. CURRENT SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES & APPLICATIONS05/01/2012 5. CONNECT WITH YOUR SUPPORTERS05/01/2012 6. CONNECT WITH YOUR SUPPORTERS05/01/2012 7. CONNECT WITH YOUR SUPPORTERS05/01/2012 8. CONNECT WITH YOUR SUPPORTERS05/01/2012 9. CREATE A SOCIAL HUB05/01/2012 10. C R E AT I N G E N G A G I N G C O M M U N I T I E S W I T H BLACKBAUD SOCIAL05/01/2012 11. INTRODUCING BLACKBAUD SOCIAL Drives traffic to and encourages activity within your web presence Facilitates alumni networking through sharing discussions, photos, blogs, documents, and more Extends your reach by allowing your alumni to market for you Creates a comprehensive online experience by bridging the gap with public social sites05/01/2012 12. SHARE MORE, LEARN MORE Provide a environment where alumni canexpress their unique personalities by:- Posting photo albums- Creating or importing a blog- Sharing documents- Joining interest groups- Participating in and subscribing todiscussions Reputation points are earned as communitymembers participate allowing your organizationto track engagement 05/01/2012 13. CHAPTER ENGAGEMENT TOOLS05/01/2012 14. CAREER NETWORKING 77% of alumni not satisfied with current resources. 62% would like to meet fellow alumni for potential business contact. Large demand for business networking among alumni.UCONN Innovation Accelerator Program I have yet to speak with an institution where career services exceeded demand Boston University05/01/2012 15. CAREER NETWORKING05/01/2012 16. WHY SHOULD I BE INTERESTED IN PEER- TO-PEER FUNDRAISING?05/01/2012 16 17. WALKRUN RIDE05/01/2012 18. 05/01/2012 19. 05/01/2012 20. 05/01/2012 21. YOUR DONORS, YOUR VOLUNTEERS, YOUR ALUMNI, YOUR STUDENTS, YOUR FACULTY LinkageInterest Ability There is a Will give what Direct,demand they can in emotional connection Want totime,matchtreasure, or Your missiontalentpassion with serves themmission05/01/2012 22. ORGANIZATIONS UTILIZING P2P FUNDRAISING05/01/2012 23. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN05/01/2012 24. UNH WOMENS LACROSSE05/01/2012 25. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN05/01/2012 26. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN05/01/2012 27. The main reason we turned to peer-to-peer is that we hope it will help us reach our acquisition donors. By this, I mean making sure that theseprospects physically get the message and second that the message is receivedfrom a familiar source. Ideally, this will improve our conversion rate, improve our online giving and ultimately increase our alumni participation. 05/01/2012 28. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN RESULTS 4 months into using FAF for athletics fundraising; P2P expected to become a significant part of their fundraising in the near future Coaches/Captains are amongst the most energetic and well known personalities on campusand the most effective fundraisers so far on athletics site. UNH players are required to raise a certain amount annually; they raised money primarily from friends, students and family. UNH values these as acquisition donors to be cultivated for future giving Coaches raised $ primarily by emailing alumni; many of these gifts were donors that gave to both an annual fund and athletics ask in a single year Average gift amounts were larger when coaches asked for online gift vs mail Technology is positively shaping the culture of philanthropy on campus Overall online giving from alumni & friends (parents) is up 300% year over year through both their standard online giving tools and FAF Expects most teams to embrace this next year; conservatively forecasting 3-4X growth in dollars05/01/2012 29. BENEFITS OF PEER-TO-PEER FUNDRAISING Supplementary, not Reach donors otherwise unattainable Provides awareness beyond the reach of the organization Competitive, to the Allows someone who perhaps is unable to give to beDevelopment Portfolio involved On-line giving as a percentage of the whole is growingLow Cost of Fundraising Generates interest in the organization at little to no cost More tolerant of economy because the give is very personal Provides Community Students become connected and begin a tradition of givingand Engagement Alumni an opportunity to stay connected and give backOpportunities05/01/2012 30. TIPS FOR SUCCESS WITH SOCIAL NETWORKING 1.Pick an existing goal to pursue 2.Develop a social media strategy with realistic and measurable goals 3.Think of social networking outlets as channels 4.Select channels based on audience and objectives 5.Clearly define the ladder of engagement 6.Develop and fund an acquisition strategy 7.Make success someones job 8.Develop ground rules 9.Listen 10.Evolve05/01/2012

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