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  • UNLV Career Outcomes Survey UNLV Career Services
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  • About Career Services Comprehensive programs & services- career development process: Career decision & exploration, career experience, professional job search Services: career counseling/coaching, career assessment, resource center, resume & interviewing assistance, internship assistance, career fairs, on- campus interviewing, on-line job posting and referral database.
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  • Purpose of Career Outcomes Survey Find out where UNLV graduates begin careers Assess student career experience profiles while attending college Identify career services/resources that are most helpful Provide information to campus on companys and salaries of grads Assist departments with information often requested for accreditation Provide job market trend information Assist employing organizations to package opportunities Provide information to prospective students about outcomes of college graduates
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  • SURVEY METHOD UNLV CareerLink email system and SEND college systems Joint letter from Deans and Career Services Executive Director Sent email the week after finals with letter following, then 2 weeks later, another follow up email. Some surveys last week in capstone classes Collect responses up to 2 months post graduation.
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  • RESPONSE RESULTS Responses for 2007/08 Graduates more than tripled from 03/04 at 300 to over 1094 respondents- 1094 representing 21.5% of 07-08 graduates (78% UG, 22% G). High number of responses from the Joint letter from the Dean and Career Services Director (40%) followed by each college SEND email (19%)
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  • What We learned Data Highlights Over 86% of all respondents worked while attending College (95% hotel-75% sciences) Of those working 55% worked full time Of those working, 65% worked in Career related jobs (hotel 85%- 35% lib arts) The majority of UNLV students pursue a degree to reach a career goal. In contrast, Liberal Arts ( 55%) to study field of interest, followed by Fine Arts (50%)
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  • What we learned continued More than 85% of UNLV graduates responding believe their education prepared them for their chosen profession 70% of UNLV graduates responding were employed within 2 months after graduation, 69% in career positions (compares to 50% nationally) 21% of respondents pursuing graduate school
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  • Average Graduate Salaries 2007/08 AllBusEd.Eng.FAHlth.HOALASci.UANURMBA Avg Salary UNLV $43$45$43$57$33$43$36$37$45 $56$70
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  • Top Salary Reported College of Sciences DOE Project Manager = $115,000
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  • Location of Employment 88% of graduates reporting employment positions were staying in Nevada Hotel and Engineering Majors were most likely to relocate with 25% and 27% locating outside Nevada respectively Most frequent state reported for relocation was CA followed by WA, GA, IL and AL,OR,MT, DC, MA, CO, PA, S Korea, Japan
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  • Services Utilized Top 7 #1 Backpacks to Briefcases Career Services Handbook #2 UNLV Career Day #3 Career Services Web page #4 Walk-in Resume Critique #5 In-Class Presentation #6- Career Counseling #7- In-office computer lab
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  • TRENDS/THEMES Increasing desire to stay in Las Vegas Continued phenomena of busy working student, benefit of career related experience Job market favoring college graduates 07/08 to downturn and competition 08/09 Slight lag in salaries compared to national average
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  • Data Access & Communication Memo with Executive Summary sent to all Deans, Associates, Directors, Department Chairs, Assoc Provost, Assessment, VP Student Affairs Executive Summary, College Reports and Database on CS Web site http://hire.unlv.edu Reportshttp://hire.unlv.edu Graduating Survey Response Database also on Web site - to select filters NACE Salary Survey data contributor
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  • THANK YOU Eileen McGarry Executive Director UNLV Career Services X50616 eileen.mcgarry@unlv.edu