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On the Margin. Pricing of Open Data or the icing on the cake.


<ul><li> 1. On the marginPricing of Open Dataor the icing on theTaking government data re-use to the next level!Rotterdam, March 16 2012Robbin te version)</li></ul> <p> 2. Marginal-cost pricing 3. Doing businessManufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer 4. Two types (go to war)Type IOpen DataManufacturer Wholesaler Retailer Consumeras isSpill-overZero price 5. Two types (go to war)Type IOpen DataManufacturerWholesaler Retailer Consumeras isSpill-overZero priceType IIPSIQuality assured Manufacturer Wholesaler Retailer ConsumerBusiness as usualCost plus price 6. Breaking the chainConsumerWholesalerRetailerType III Open data &amp; PSI Quality depends (SLA) Economics of infrastructures Manufacturer Marginal cost pricing (for infrastructure) 7. ordreaming ofContact me:Robbin te </p>