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  • Some things Ive learnedabout writing for business and sales

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  • 11.Art is a picture of a destination

    Alain de Botton and John Armstrong

    Corporate storiesbrandsare, by nature, aspirational. They describe who we intend to be,

    not necessarily who are are today. Corporate stories should challenge us

    and inspire us.

  • 12.We sat togetherand talked of poetry.I said, A line will take us hours maybe;

    Yet if it does not seem a moments thought,Our stitching and unstitching

    has been naught.W. B. Yeats

    It is difficult to craft a sentence, a paragrapha one-pager that clearly and concisely

    communicates. In fact, the less effort demanded of the reader, the greater the effort required by the writer. Good writing is harder than it looks

    and it takes time.

  • 13.Never use a verb other than said

    to carry dialogueElmore Leonard

    Keep it simple.

  • 14.We dont comprehend large numbers

    The human brain is extraordinary, but curious. We think we understand terms such as a light year

    or a billon, but actually, we have no idea. To ensure people appreciate the significance of large numbers, provide context: thats more than or

    about the same as.

  • 15.Im a surrogate parent

    Whether our client is literally a client, or our boss, or the board, the business writing we do is most

    often on behalf of someone else. As much, then, as we regard what weve written as our baby (and

    will fight, as all parents do, to protect our baby), in the end its their baby and our work is done. Much

    as it infuriates us, they canand willmake it wear that stupid hat.