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The Discom Effect

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  • THE DISCOM EFFECTSustainable solutions for a sustainable world

  • THE DISCOM EFFECTThe ideal system is different each time

  • THE DISCOM EFFECTContinual investment in research and development

  • THE DISCOM EFFECTThe quality safeguard

  • THE DISCOM EFFECTTodays solutions determine tommorrows world

  • MISSION STATEMENTDiscom is a company with a mission. The mission is to lead the way as exhaust systems specialist in the maritime, industrial and energy markets. As a system integrator of noise and emission limiting techniques we are able to offer customers the best of two worlds, based on tailor-made systems.

    As specialists in the field of energy we are fully aware of solutions for reusing valuable heat. As a company with a focus on innovation we are also able to comply continually with changing legislation, through repeated investment in a widening and deepening of our own expertise.Leading the way, today and tomorrow!

  • VISIONWhat can you expect the Discom vision to be?

    Many business people have to deal with standards and legislation in the context of their daily operations. Discom's aim is to relieve you of the worry of whether or not you are fulfilling the guidelines. You can always expect us to provide a reliable answer to even the most complex technical questions. The fact that rules and technological developments are always changing means we too, as an exhaust systems specialist, are constantly developing and updating. Our intensive research and development programme is aimed at maintaining and increasing the lead we have.

  • PROFILEDiscom's history goes back more than thirty years. In that time our field of work has broadened considerably. Although we started out as a supplier of silencers we have grown into an all-round specialist in exhaust systems. At Discom, noise limitation and hazardous emissions go hand in hand. That combination of expertise is unique. Integrating knowledge in both specialist fields enables us to coordinate systems precisely. This has all kinds of significant benefits, namely the retention of optimal performance, a more efficient development process, more effective responses to the possibilities and impossibilities during the integration phase and clarity for the customer, who has just one point of contact. An all-round exhaust systems specialist

  • GROUP STRUCTUREDiscom B.V.The Netherlands(production)Marquip B.V.The NetherlandsDiscom Nord ApsDenmarkS.C. Prodis Est S.R.L.Romania(production)Procom Praha s.r.o.Czech Republic(production)Discom EspanaSpainS.C. Discom Est S.R.L.Romania

  • Noise reductionEmission limitationHeat recoverySOLUTIONS


  • MARITIMEFeaturesMerchants, inlandshipping, tugs & workboats and NavyCustomer-oriented and often space saving solutionsJust In Time deliveries Solutions Dry exhaust systems Waterinjected exhaust systems Emission technology Flexible suspensions Air suction/induction systems

  • FeaturesPowerplant, Temporary- and Emergencypower, Co-generation plantsTurn-key Solutions Just In Time deliveries

    Solutions Dry Exhaust Systems Emission Technology Anti vibration mounts Complete Low-Noise Flue Installations Acoustic, Strength, Backpressure and FEM calculationsENERGY

  • FeaturesOil & Gas Industry, Locomotive, Pumps, Compressors, construction equipment and special vehicles Customer-oriented and often space saving solutionsTurn key solutionsSolutions Dry exhaust systems Waterinjected exhaust systems Emission technology Anti vibration mounts Air suction/induction systems Sound insulation solutionsINDUSTRY


    We contribute to protect the world and its users against negative influencesOur roots are noise controlYou can look to a problem/need from different sides. By the end of the day the best solution with lowest environmental impact.Fossiel fuelHighest efficiency - Heat recoveryLowest impact - Noise reduction- Emission reductionDesign parametersExpectationsApplicationUser profileAvailable spaceAvailable budgetBeing able to offer state of the art and technologyBeing able to offer most effecient technology Approx 4% of turnover structured spent on R&D Main developments currently under R&D projectEmissioncontrol Ultimate Exhaust SystemHeat recovery / steam generationDP Vessel in artic conditions (zero dis changer)Intelligent water injected exhaust systemsAlternative materials / constructionsOrganisation ISO 9001:2008Customer serviceEngineering (CFD/FEM technique)Production (productcertifcates NEN EN15085 / Lloyds register / DNV / RMRS)Logistics Aftersales

    Corporate social responsabilityAll stakeholdersCustomersHuman resourcesSuppliersEnvironmentShare holders

    Based on our core values:CandidActiveDistinctiveAmbitious

    Leading position as exhaust system specialist in the markets we are inOffering customers the best possible solutionContinuously improvement

    Increasing care for the environmentHigher demands and technical challenges (complexity)Total system supplierContinuously development (Innovative)

    Part of the strong and solid IMR group of companiesExisting over 30 yearsFrom silencer supplier to system intergraterHigh level of expertise in engineering, production and logisticsOne stop shopping (even for stock products)

    Keyfigures Discom GroupTurnover 2010 10 million 16 millionNr of employees 45100R&D budget 10% of turnover3.000m2 prodcution space 7.000m2Max lifting capacity 20 tons

    Marquip BV Waterinjected Exhaustsystems for megayachts (> 30m)

    Export 60% of turnoverNoise - airborne (silencers)- construction (AVMs)

    Emission- particles (particle filters)- NOx (SCR Systmes)- HC + CO (catalyst)

    Heat recovery- heat exchangers- condensors- steamgeneratorsMainly Europe

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