The concept of call option and put option

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  • The concept of call option and put option

    A lot of the people dont understand the concept of Call and Put option and call put example. We will

    try to describe the whole concept through examples. We are going to call it call put example. You

    have to know the difference between a call function and a put function. Call option is an important

    term in stock market. If you are a stock holder or share holder then you have to know the meaning of

    this term. Call option is a function by which you can maintain critical share conditions. It is not easy to

    understand but I will try my best to describe the whole concept of the call option. The call put

    example is an option through which you can solve your risk difficulties and you can reduce your risk.

    Suppose your friend have 100 shares of Coca Cola Company.

    The prices of the shares are similar to the market price. Now you want to buy those shares. The prices

    of the shares are 50$ and you are offering your friend $52. Here, you are taking the risk of price falling

    and your friend is taking the risk of price hike. This is the call option of the call put example. With this

    option you can reduce your chances of losses and you can distribute your risks. Again, there are also

    chances of losses for both you and your friend.

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