Social Media Monitoring isn't just for monitoring social media, it's also for...

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Presentation delivered at Social Media Breakfast 3 Montreal on June 9, 2010. Presents the why, how, and where of social media monitoring, including several different ways of thinking about it.


<ul><li> 1. Social Media Monitoring Isnt Just For Monitoring Social Media, Its Also For...SMB MTL 3 June 9, 2009 Mark Goren | </li></ul> <p> 2. Characteristics of Social MediaPerpetual state of dialogue Opposite of traditional media 3. Your website This is a story about theimportance of listening Your web presence 4. Three Ways to Plant Seeds1. You plant seeds2. You rely on others toplant seeds on your behalf3. It just kinda happens 5. Listening is a catalyst L 1. Listening R2. RespondingI3. Initiating 6. Listening feeds your effortsLR I Listening, Responding, Initiating 7. Know how to listen? 8. + 9. Know where to listen? 10. Know what to listen for? 11. Company nameCompany URLsCampaign keywordsPublic facing figures Brand names Competitors Critical industry issues 12. Know why you should monitor social media? 13. Know why you should monitor social media? To guide social media participation,of course. 14. BUTSocial Media Monitoring Isnt Just For Monitoring Social Media,Its Also For... 15. Real-time snapshots Conducting focus group research Crafting marketing messages Measuring campaigns Gaining real business intelligence 16. Other Discussion PointsStart strategically Back up your searches Free vs. paid tools 17. ABOUT MARK GORENSocial Media Strategist specializing in Social Media Monitoring Since starting my business, TRANSMISSION CONTENT + CREATIVE, I have worked with direct clients, plus advertising and P.R. agencies in Canada and the U.S, helping them get up to speed on social media tools, technologies and tactics, while preparing them to add social media programs to their own service offering. Ive also lead workshops and presented at different social media conferences, including Social Media for Government in Ottawa (September 2008, February 2009, May 2009, September 2009, March 2010), the Social Media Summit in Toronto (April 2009), and the Social Media for Healthcare (October 2009), Social Media for Crisis Communications in Government (November 2009) conferences in Washington D.C. and the Internet Marketing Conference (February 2010) in Montreal. These presentations range from social media primers to specific social media monitoring tools and strategic training., where I blog, has gained attention for its simple explanation of the social web and practical examples of the medium. As a result of these blogging efforts, Ive been invited to discuss social media on "Homepage", a weekly technology and social media related TV show on Toronto's CP24 (April 2009), and guest post across the web., another online initiative of mine, delivers an easy-to-read explanation of the importance of listening and its Social Media Monitoring Tool Directory (#smmtd) has often been cited for being one of the most comprehensive lists of monitoring services on the web. Previously, I spent over a decade working as a strategic-minded creative at advertising agencies in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. 18. ABOUT MARK GOREN Mark can be reached: By phone: 514-969-1725 By email: On LinkedIn: On Twitter: | On Facebook: On Skype: TransmissionCC You can also read + comment on Marks blog: Or even subscribe: 19. Social Media Monitoring Isnt Just For Monitoring Social Media, Its Also For...SMB MTL 3 June 9, 2009 Mark Goren | </p>