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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Start-Up Incubators for Entrepreneurship Vikasa International Center</p> <p> About Us: Vikasa International Center is the newest initiative of SOPAR-Bala Vikasa, a registered, secular and apolitical non-profit organization founded in 1977 by Mr Andre Gingras, a French Canadian diplomat and development expert and Mrs Bala Theresa Gingras, an Indian philanthropist.</p> <p>What We Do:Entrepreneur &amp; CSRCommunity DevelopmentCapacity Building </p> <p>Training for Start-Ups</p> <p> Vikasa Center gives training for those entrepreneurs who have just launched out and are running into roadblocks and also offers support services by giving training in Technology, Business Development and Strategic partners/mentors.</p> <p>Incubation Vikasa International Center as center of excellence (CoE) offers integrated, customized Innovation-Based Incubation support services for potential high investable social entrepreneurs and enterprises.</p> <p>Pre-incubation services</p> <p> Supporting ideation processes, nurture culture of innovation, counselling support for budding social innovators</p> <p>Mentoring and coaching support</p> <p> Provide skills, training, and information needed to facilitate enterprise development and help them develop sound, viable projects that can attain both social impact and commercial performance</p> <p>Incubation cum business development support</p> <p> Provide technical and non-technical assistance that is designed to help prospective entrepreneurs or small enterprises achieve their specific goals.</p> <p>DiscussionsInfrastructural support for early commercialization of ideasDesign / IP Registration Creation of design awareness and consciousness amongst MSMEs</p> <p> Stage 1: Crowd sourcing</p> <p>Scouting: Leads/deals identified through several channels that would qualify for this Incubation facilityScreening/Business validation: Multiple stage screening processSelection: Idea/entrepreneur/enterprise identified for Incubation</p> <p> Stage 2: Incubation activities</p> <p> Non-financial assistance that is designed to help prospective entrepreneurs or enterprises with limited track record achieves their specific goals.</p> <p>Stage 3: Supporting through seed capital / venture investing partners</p> <p> Under this, VIC shall seek to build Seed funding, social venture investors, impact investors and donors.</p> <p>Workshops &amp; Seminars Seminar classes for upcoming knowledge sharing events for industry and SMEs on business responsibility, strategic CSR and sustainability.</p> <p> Contact Us:Address: 201, Zamarud Residency Somajiguda, Hyderabad 500 082</p> <p>Email: /</p> <p>Phone No: +91 7675855890</p> <p>Thankq</p>


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