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  • 1. RFID Applications (II) Vlad Krotov DISC 4397 Section 12977 University of Houston Bauer College of Business Spring 2005 Source: Finkenzeller, 2003

2. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit

  • The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit allows the user to launch services and access phone functions such as dial or send messages by touching an RFID tag
  • Tasks, such as browsing the latest service instructions or logging time stamped data like meter readings, can be automated and initiated with just a touch.

Source:,,55738,00.html 3. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit ISO 14443A Standard: Typically 2-3 cm, tag dependent Read range: MIFARE UltraLight Protocol: 13.56 MHz Frequency: Phone battery: BL-5B, 760mAh, talk time up to 2h-5h Power: Xpress-on RFID Reader Shells provide protection against splashes and dust Durability: Phone display: 27.3 x 27.3 mm, 4096 colors in 128 x 128 pixels 5 lines for text in basic mode with 16-pixel font Display: 111.2 g (with the phone) Weight: 106.5 x 46.8 x 26.7 mm (with the phone) Dimensions: Black Color: 4. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit Potential Uses Touch and Browse

  • Service Professional:Touch the item to be serviced and you will get up to date service information.
  • Machine Operator:Touch a tag attached to the machine and a new work order is available from a web page.
  • Database Search:Touch a tag to automate extensive search strings.
  • Report Failure Reasons:Touch a tag and get linked to a page to enter the reason for failure.
  • Report Materials Used:Touch a tag and get linked to a page to enter the materials used.

5. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit Potential Uses Touch and Record

  • Meter Reading:Touch a tag attached to a meter and the meter readings are recorded in the phone. Time stamp and tag information is available automatically.
  • Security:Attach tags to sites that are visited by security guards. Get accurate time stamps and proof of work done.
  • Recording Travel Expenses:Attach a tag to the dashboard of a car. Touch and enter beginning and ending mileage to have time stamped data for a travel expense form.

6. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit Potential Uses Touch and Send Automated Message

  • In a Car:Place a tag on the dashboard and order operator text message services such as finding the nearest restaurant, florist, bank, post office, etc. Receive weather, traffic or news reports or information such as restaurant menus.
  • Report Activities Back to Office:Report work done by sending confirmation back to office - e.g., confirm cargo delivery by having a tag at the customer premise. Preventative maintenance: touch the serviced machine/object and report work done.
  • Time and Attendance System:Build your own time and attendance system. For example, personnel could use personal tags to touch a single phone in the office, at a construction site or filed office to clock in and out.

7. Nokia Mobile RFID Kit Potential Uses Touch and Call

  • Visual Phone Directories:Attach a tag behind a person's photo to initiate a call to them. Simplify making phone calls for those not used to mobile phones or those who have physical limitations. Create a personal directory for children or the elderly.
  • Distress Assistance:Touch a tag on your clothing such as a belt, and the phone initiates an emergency call.

8. ExxonMobil Speedpass

  • Paying for gas
  • Paying for other purchases inside the store
  • Speedpass hacked:

9. CVS Stores Offer ExpressPay

  • In 2004 CVS announced that ExpressPay, American Express's contactless payment program, will be available to customers at all CVS locations by mid-2005
  • To pay for goods, ExpressPay users wave a contactless payment device, in the form of a key fob or American Express credit card embedded with a passive RFID tag, in front of a at the payment counter

10. RFID Vending Machines

  • Accelitec is about to unveil the AcceliStation, the first self-service automated transponder dispenser

11. RFID and Credit Card Companies

  • In Malaysia, Visa is testing a system called VisaWave, a credit card with both a magnetic strip and an embedded RFID chip
  • In Singapore, American Express is testing a card in the same form factor, as well as key fobs, for use as a credit, debit or stored-value card
  • In Japan, MasterCard is testing its PayPass card system, also for credit, debit or stored value. MasterCard is also partnering with a mobile phone provider, Motorola, to offer consumers PayPass through their mobile phones


  • The UK-based vehicle licence plate manufacturer, Hills Numberplates Ltd, has chosen long-range RFID tags and readers from Identec Solutions to be embedded in licence plates that will automatically and reliably identify vehicles in the UK

13. Tracking Prisoners

  • Technology originally developed by Motorola for the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Now licensed by Technology Systems International, the TSI PRISM

14. National IDs

  • By the end of 2005, all Malaysian citizens over the age of 12 will be carrying a dual interface contact/ contactless smart card as their national ID

15. Tracking Athletes TIme

  • ChampionChip by TI
  • Boston Marathon (1996)