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2. In simple Words, a share or stock isa document issued by a company,which entitles its holder to be one ofthe owners of the company.A share is issued by a company or canbe purchased from the stock market 3. STOCK MARKET A stock market, sometimes referredto as a stock exchange, is a placewhere stockbrokers buy and sellstocks and other securities on behalfof investors, corporates and otherentities 4. STOCKEXCHANGES 5. BOMBAYSTOCKEXCHANGE (BSE) 6. # Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest stockexchange in Asia.# BSE was established as "The Native Share& Stock Brokers Association" in 1875# Today BSE is the worlds no. 1 exchange interms of the number of listed companies andthe worlds 5th in transaction numbers 7. NATIONALSTOCKEXCHANGE(NSE) 8. > The National Stock Exchange of India Limitedis a Mumbai-based stock exchange. It is thelargest stock exchange in India in terms of dailyturnover and number of trades.> It is mutually owned by a set of leading financialinstitutions, banks, insurance companies andother financial intermediaries in India.> NSE is the third largest stock exchange in theworld. 9. SECURITIES ANDEXCHANGEBOARD OF INDIA(SEBI)The Securities andExchange Board of India wasestablished on April 12, 1992in accordance with theprovisions of the Securitiesand Exchange Board of IndiaAct, 1992. 10. PREAMBLE:The preamble of SEBI describes itsbasic functions as protect theinterests of investors in securities and topromote the development of, and toregulate the securities market and formatters connected therewith orincidental thereto 11. STOCK MARKET INDEX A stock market index is a method ofmeasuring a section of the stock market. An index has a numerical value When an index goes up or down, itreflects an increase or decrease,respectively, in the total value of thosestocks 12. BSE SENSEX BSE Sensex or BombayStock Exchange SensitiveIndex is a value-weightedindex composed of 30stocks that started onJanuary 1, 1986. The Sensex is regarded asthe pulse of the domesticstock markets. 13. BSE SENSEX CHARTJULY 9009 to JULY 2010