Affiliate Marketing RSB Women’s Professional Network Group August 17, 2010 Esther Ohayon

RBS Marketer -Affiliate Marketing

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The ABCs of Affiliate Marketing. Why be an affiliate marketer, how to get started, how to promote the products

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Affiliate Marketing

RSB Women’s Professional Network GroupAugust 17, 2010Esther Ohayon

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• What is Affiliate Marketing

• What is the Advantage To the Website Owner

• What is the Advantage to Online Merchant

• How do you get started

• How do you make money?

• How do you promote the product?

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

• It’s a revenue sharing venture between a website owner and an online merchant

• Online merchant (website owner) helps sell the vendor’s products by sending people to vendor’s website to buy

• Once the customer buys the merchant gets a commission

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Affiliate Marketing Process


website owner

or merchant

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Advantage-Website Owner

• A great way to monetize his site & earn commission

• Offer an extra service to his readers– Especially if the affiliate product is complementary

to his

• Use his reputation and traffic wisely

• Create another reason to come to his site – What’s new

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Advantage-Online Merchant

• Low cost venue to advertise his products

• Different affiliates are working for him all over the internet marketing to different audiences

• He’s built a sales team without expanding his company or expenses

• Each commission is a % of sales

– Low risk investment

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More Exposure to Social Media

• Affiliates have: – Blogs– Participate in Online Chats– RSS Feeds– Video Sharing –You Tube– Social Networks –Face Book, Twitter, Linked In– Message Boards/Forums/Photo Sharing– Podcasts– Wikipedia

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Before You Become an Affiliate

• Research the market

• Find something with a lot:

– Competition

– Traffic

– With a lot people interested in buying

• Complimentary to your product or service

• Get into a niche with multiple products

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Before You Become an Affiliate

• Check out Click Bank to sell digital products

• Research the vendor company carefully

– They should have a customer service dept

– Call them and ask all your questions

• Only refer quality products

• Will this product help your readers meet their goals?

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Buy the Product First

• Buy the product and use it before recommending it

– If you like it write a blog about why you like it and how to use it

– Your audience trusts you and are interested in your opinion

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What Do I Do When I Have the Product

• Embed the link on your website

• Use the link in:– Emails or newsletter to your readers

– Encourage your readers to visit the vendor website

– Put the link in an auto responder

– Write about the product’s benefit to your readers

• Create a sales letter promoting the product

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