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  • 1. Integrated MarketingCommunications A method of carefully coordinating all promotional activities to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused.

2. Traditional Approach to Marketing CommunicationsSales PublicitypromotionPoint ofpurchaseMediaPackagingSpecial Adver-eventstisingDirectresponsePublicrelations InteractiveDirect marketingmarketing 3. Contemporary IMC ApproachSales Direct Packagingpromotion response MediaPoint ofpurchase Adver-Public tising relationsPublicityInteractivemarketing Direct Specialmarketing events 4. IMC Promotional Mix 5. What is promotion? Any form ofcommunication abusiness or organizationuses toinform, persuade, orremind people about itsproducts. 6. The Promotional Mix is acombination of the differenttypes of promotion. 7. Basic Elements of the Promotional Mix in IMCAdvertising Direct MarketingSales promotionsPublicity/publicSales Promotionrelations Publicity/Public Personal selling Relations 8. What is the largest form of promotion? Personal Selling! This type of promotionrequires contact withpotential buyers EG: salespresentations, salesmeeting, incentiveprograms, fairs and tradeshows. 9. Advertising. Any paid form of non-personal presentationand promotion ofideas, goods, or servicesby an identifiedsponsor. E.g.: print andbroadcastAds, brochures andleaflets, billboards, display signs symbols andlogos etc... 10. Sales Promotion A variety of a shortterm incentives toencourage trial orpurchase of a productor services. E.g.:sampling, gifts, coupons, demo, rebates ,etc 11. Public Relations/Publicity Any activity designed tocreate a favorableimage toward abusiness, its products orits policies. E.g.: speeches, presskits, annualreport, charitabledonations, companymagazine etc 12. Direct marketing Use ofmail, telephone, fax, e-mailor internet to communicatedirectly with or solicitresponse or dialogue fromspecific customers andprospects. E.g.:mailings, telemarketing, e-shopping, catalogs, websites,blogs etc 13. Purpose of promotional mix InformingRemindingPLC Stages: PLC Stages:IntroductionMaturityEarly Growth Target Audience PLC Stages: Growth Maturity Persuading 14. Factors Affecting thePromotional Mix Nature of ProductStage in PLC Target Market FactorsFactors Type of Buying DecisionAffectingChoice ofPromotion FundsPromotional MixPush or Pull Strategy