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From Julia Martin Rovira, part of Procter & Gambles digital marketing team. Julia will present P&Gs views on what consumers want and dont want from mobile marketeers.


<ul><li> 1. Julia MartinRovira, Digital Marketing Manager Email: P&amp;G &amp; Mobile Marketing Touching lives, all the time, everywhere </li></ul> <p> 2. H&amp;S MSTags PuR i-Phone App Pampers mCRM Old Spice Vicks mAlertsbruno banani Game SMS Raffle 3. P&amp;G &amp; Mobile Marketing Back Up Slides 4. P&amp;G at a glance OVER $80 Billion in SalesApproximately 86 brands in 180 countries 23 Brands are Billion Dollar BrandsWe serve 4 billion consumers around the world today 5. Purposed InspiredMobile Marketing can support P&amp;G in its purpose to serve more consumers, in more parts of the world, more completely 6. Mobile as part of a holistic campaign 7. Digital Marketing Elements 8. Mobile plays a different rolein consumers lives Supporting Role Lead character Hero </p>