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Presentatio n on Proctel & Gamble ‘The International FMCG Giant’ By:- Wajihuddin Ahmer

Procter N Gamble

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Presentation on

Proctel & Gamble‘The International FMCG Giant’

By:-Wajihuddin Ahmer

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• Founded:  In 1837 as a small family-run soap and candle business in Cincinnati.

• Served in consumer goods industry• Headquarteer at cincinnati, Ohio, US• ‘bob Mcdonald’ current president and

CEO• Area of operation in more than 80

countries• Workforce of more than 100000

Brief Profile :-

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Famous Products

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Shopper &








Core Benefits

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Shopper and consumer understanding

• P&G interacts with more than four million consumers a year innearly 60 countries

• Conduct more than 10000 research per year

• Invest more than $2 million a year in consumer and market understanding

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• Deep technical expertise in diverse mix of technologies •Multiply the internal innovation capability by reaching outside to a global network of nearly two million researchers in technology areas connected to P&G businesses

• This “connect and develop”collaboration results in a bigger and stronger innovation pipeline.

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•Strong back arm in branding its Products globally

•Wide range of offerings in all age Segments

•Approach to every segment of Advertising

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Global Scale

P&G works on three various levels :




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•P&G was ranked 3rd on Barron’s “World’s Most Respected Companies 2010” list, maintaining its position from the 2009. This marks the sixth consecutive year the company has been recognized

•Fortune Magazine ranked P&G #8 on its “America’s Most Admired” list and #6 on its “Global Most Admired” list.

• P&G was also listed #1 in the Soaps and Cosmetics industry category for the fourth successive year.

Some famous Awards

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What do they say about Sustainable Growth ??

According to “ A.G. lefley (chairman & CEO of P&G,2006)….

• Our strategies will focus resources against growth opportunities where we have the greatest potential to grow and to create shareholder value.

• Our core strengths will enable us to innovate and to bring innovation to market faster, more effectively and more efficiently than competition.

• Our organization structure will enable us to execute strategies with disciplined excellence.

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