Presentation Of Marketing Intelligence And Scouting For Recuitment


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marketing intelligence and talent scout for recruitment structures

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  • Marketing Intelligence and Scouting
  • Marketing Intelligence and Scouting
  • New trends benchmark and info collection
  • Information archive and mapping Social networks connects people at low cost. These networks often act as a customer relationship management tool for companies. Since business operates Globally social networks can make it easier to Keep in touch with contacts around the world. There are around 200 social network sites
  • New source activation
  • Talent scouting TOOLS GOAL
  • Information updating Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success Henry Ford
  • The Power of Leverage NETWORK TEAM CREATIVITY SUCCESS Give me a lever big enough and a place to stand on and I will move the Earth ! Aristotle
  • Methods and knowledge management
  • Methods and knowledge management
  • Information and literature search or collection and archive Creation of an online knowledge base
  • Information use for projects or training Improve training
  • Knowledge sharing (newsletter, training)
  • Methods definition towards target population
  • Recruitment policies and guidelines The success of a good recruitment depends on the effectivness of its search channels, the visibility of the company in the employers market. The Company must be attractive to young and dynamic workforce. The Image of the Brand reflects the team behind.