Pr 2.0 and realtime marketing in fashion

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Slides on PR 2.0 and working within the real time news cycle both in media relations and social media. Presented at the Marketing Mix conference Fashion Path to Purchase in Johannesburg.

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  • 1.PR 2.0 and storytelling forfashion

2. Welcome to the age of disruptionIs your brand on this list? 3. Welcome to the age of disruptionOr on this list? 4. Fashion, the early daysElitist, celebrity-led, high barriers to entry. Long trend cycles.Disrupted by peasants and guillotines. 5. Fashion, Mad Men-eraStill pretty elitist. Rise of fashion media. Seasonal fashion cycles.Disrupted by free-thinking hippies and other counter-culture types. 6. Fashion, Mad Men-era: news cycle 7. Fashion nowOpen (but elitist because of competition for influence), dominatedby consumer media (online/offline). Being disrupted by hipster webentrepreneurs and 16 year old girls with blogs. 8. The new fashion news cycle Comments/l Retweetsikes/shares TVTwitterFacebookBlog post Blog postBlog post A Print Website Blog postBlog post story media/blog TumblrTumblrPinterestyoutube Tumblr Radio RepinsVideo response@danpinch 9. The point at which you realise you have no control any more 10. The anatomy of a PR 2.0 story 11. The anatomy of a PR 2.0 story Tuesday AM: Spot a public conversation to tap into Tuesday AM: Some quick research to see if anyone else is using the sameangle and to understand the elements of the story Tuesday PM: Pitch to the client and get approval Weds AM: Work with the ad team on a print ad / write a press release Thurs AM: Production on the print ad / approval of press release Friday 3:30: Print ad is back and approved Friday 3:32: Sent to bloggers, newswires, key media contacts Friday 3:45: First tweets appear (one journalist tweets the press release) Friday 4:20: Hits the newswires and generates coverage as far away asMalaysia Saturday: Front page on Weekend Argus / The Star, trends on Twitter Following week: coverage spreads globally (dead within the week) 12. A quick users guide to PR 2.0 and social storytelling 13. Understand the public dialogue already taking place (and guesshow its likely to take place) 14. Understand the public dialogue already taking place (and guesshow its likely to take place) 15. Get everyone working together 16. Be remarkable (have a unique idea) 17. Be remarkable (in realtime) 18. Be remarkable (and useful) 19. Keep it simple (but have layers for those that want to engage) 20. Think visually 21. Understand the viral nodesBloggers: Driven by passion (and ego) Dont have to obey any editorial (or grammar)rules Work quickly, at odd hours (have day jobs) Social channels can be more important thanthe actual blog Work in multimedia and often visuallyTraditional media: Often the people that initiate ideas/content that is picked up by bloggers Have their own powerful social channels Expected to work across multiple-disciplines Live their subject 24/7 so have probably seen it all 22. Understand the viral nodesOnline noise makers: Anyone with an opinion and some kind ofnetwork on social media: Industry insiders / experts Students Celebs Bands / Musicians Passionate fans Your mom 23. Be agile and move very quickly 24. Understand that once you press send youve lost control 25. Have the tools to track the stories impact ready 26. Know how youre going to move the story forward (and takethe learning to your next activity) 27. Have a longterm plan that builds and learns on its successesand failures 28. How to set goals and measure ROIBusiness goalsMarketing goals PR/Social media goalsSell more jeans Convert 20,000 LSM 8-10 Reach 400,000 18-25 year oldsmake lots of18-25 urban female(Earned media impressions: editorialmoney.adopters to adorers reach/social media reach)Over the next 6 monthsGrow the social media communityto 80,000 (page likes, twitterfollowers)Actively engage 40,000 communitymembers (engagement rate -comments, likes, shares, tweets, repins )80% positive sentiment and keymessage penetration (key messagesin editorial and sentiment on socialmedia) 29. Thanks