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  • 1. ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURCreative Process Model

2. Creativity Defined Developing an original product, service, or idea that makes a socially recognized contribution Part of the decision-makingprocess -- not separate from it Creativity is influenced by bothpersonal competencies and organizational conditions, supported by creativity practices 3. How to be Creative Experience different thingsBe a childBeginners mindSimplicity and focusRebel 4. Creativity Barriers To Creativity Historical Biological Physiological Sociological Psychological 5. Steve Jobs 1955-2011 6. Creative Process ModelVerification InsightIncubation Preparation 7. Creative Process Model Experience of suddenly becoming aware of a unique idea. Developing a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieveIncubation PreparationVerificationInsightBeginning of a long process of experimentation & further creativity.Stage of reflective thought. Put problem aside but mind still working on it. 8. Creativity Equation 9. Characteristics of Creative People Intellectual abilitiesRelevant knowledge and experienceMotivation and persistenceInventive thinking style 10. Creative Work Environment Organizational support Tolerates mistakes Encourages communication Offers job securityIntrinsically motivating work Task significance Autonomy Feedback Self-leadershipSufficient time and resources 11. Creative PracticesRedefine the Problem Jamming Review past projects Tell me, strangerAssociative Play Chain story Artistic activities Metaphors Morphological analysisCrossPollination Diverse teams In-house presentations Displayed thinking