Newsaset Publishing platform goes cloud - a presentation to Publishing Conference 2015

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  • IT innovation for Media

    New business models for Publishers

    Dimitris Tziotis Business Development Exec

  • Solutions for Media

    Content management


    News & Document Management

    Web & Mobile apps

    Corporate Portals

    Digital Signage

    Human Capital

    eLearning solutions

    Talent & Performance Management

    Collaboration Solutions


    Testing & Assessment

    Off-the-shelf & custom courseware

    R & D

    EU & National funded R&D Programs

    Custom application development

    Project Management

    Platform Integration

    Focus on Small & Medium Businesses

  • Modern multi-channel PublishersOur understanding of the industrys needs and what we propose

  • Publishers across the globe need..

    To receive, create, process and distribute information in a

    manner compatible with their business strategy and

    mission, securely over all targeted distribution channels

    Dedicated backbone IT systems to fully cover their ALL

    their processes and support their strategic goals

    Cost effective IT systems that feature maximum

    adaptability to cover all possible distribution channels and

    all internal processes without compromise on security and

    hierarchy abiding demands

  • newsasset SuiteHow can we be of help

  • A balanced solution

    for all your needs

  • Our proposal

    Newsasset Publishing Edition responds to these

    demands providing a unique solution for

    the overall planning, multimedia production &


    content management & archiving process

    cross channel publishing and distribution needs

    of any contemporary publishing organization

  • newsassetSuite

    A system for the Cross-channel Publisher, built along

    and growing along with journalists, globally

    A system encompassing business practices and input

    from schools of journalism from around the world

    Currently operating in environments as diverse as

    Russia, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Tunis, Cyprus,

    Montenegro and the UK

  • newsassetSuite

    A system built on international IPTC standards and

    state-of-the-art Information Technology

    An engine crash-tested in Olympic Games


    Fully Multilingual UI

  • newsasset


    Edition can do

    a lot more.

  • newsassetSuite

    It will cover the needs of everyone involved in the

    Publishing work

    and, furthermore, it has a specific

    personalized offering to your most

    important functions to achieve their needs

  • Publishers peopleFocusing on each roles goals and demands

  • The CEO

    The CEO has a tool to implement the Publishers strategy

    whether this focus on


    expansion of reach

    steady growth

    quality of services

    or ALL of them, COMBINED

  • The Chief Editor

    The Chief Editor will secure

    shortened production times

    lower costs

    complete control of

    the process

    the content

    the context

    of services produced

  • The Newsroom Manager

    The Newsroom Manager will enjoy

    widening of data acquisition sources

    full monitoring of production and timeframes

    supporting all distribution channels via an integrated

    newsroom concept

    ability to publish news items across multiple platforms

    with one, unique system

  • The Sales & Marketing Manager

    The Sales Marketing Manager will be able to

    create new services on the spot

    increase utilization rate of owned and acquired content

    distribute services over all platforms

  • The Finance Manager

    The Finance Manager

    will see money

    flowing in faster and

    from more sources

    while enjoying exactly

    the opposite

    regarding expenses

    One system

    Unified process



    Less cost

  • The IT Manager

    The IT Manager may start sleeping again at nights

    relying on


    caring about

    only one, unique system made for him, instead of

    dealing with different platforms serving a single function

  • We are on the cloud!

    Reduce cost.

    That is all there is to it.

  • Benefits for you

  • We meet all above


    & provide SLA

  • Benefits for you

  • Benefits for you

    Accessible from any location

    Cross device compatibility

  • www.newsasset.comThank you