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  • RSC Publishing Platform

    Amanda [email protected]

  • Agenda

    What is the RSC Publishing Platform?


    User Profiles

    Librarians Portal


  • What is RSC Publishing Platform?

  • What is the RSC Publishing Platform? our new integrated content delivery platform user driven so we will continually develop to provide what you and your users needallows searching across all RSC-hosted journal, eBook and database products from one simple interfacereplaces the existing RSC Publishing website for accessing journal and book contentalso offers a dedicated Librarians Portal where you can manage your RSC subscriptions

  • What is RSC Publishing Platform? Feedback developments or issuesSingle search box Advanced search link for more precise searchingNavigate by tabsMost read journals and booksFind a journal article or compoundNews from RSC PublishingSubmit articles and papersRegister or login to the Librarians Portal account

  • RSC Publishing Platform Core PrinciplesCore of the platform is article landing pageUser-optimised search and article finderMinimise number of clicksEasy navigation and simple interface Articles form the majority of information sources for usersEnable fast third party easy access (Google, SciFinder, Web of Science, Scopus, federated search engines etc)Provide user services like citations, RSS, alerts etcProvide enhanced visualisation of chemistry informationLibrarians login area

  • Demonstration

  • How to Search

    Enter the search term into the simple search boxOr click on advanced search Find by reference, DOI or compoundNavigate with tabs

  • Search Results PageTabs to view journals, books or non-RSC articles indexed including RSC database contentFilters for further defined searchingExpand/collapse option to see any images related to resultSave searchDownload a citationAccess PDF and Rich HTMLOr click on article link

  • Article Result PageArticle abstractCited byDownload article in PDF or Rich HTMLDownload citationSupplementary informationShare and recommendRelated articles and books

  • Article Format Opens in new windowEnsure pop ups not blockedPDFHTML

  • Search RSC JournalsClick on the Journals tab to searchAlphabeticallyCurrent journalsArchive journalsAll journalsBy SubjectBy YearFind an issue or article

  • Journal Home PageMore information on journalRegister Journal RSS feedDownload citationNavigate with tabsNavigate with linksExpand/collapse to view images

  • Search RSC BooksClick on the Books tab to searchBy TitleBy SeriesBy SubjectBy Year

  • Book Home PageFirst chapter of every eBook is free to accessGreen circles show chapters that user has access toDownload citationLink to chapter abstractExpand/collapse review abstractPDF of chapter opens in new window

  • User Profiles

  • Create a ProfileFree access contentRegister for a user profileAgree to RSC terms and conditionsRegister for a Librarians Portal account (option only available from registering on

  • My ProfileSubscribe to alerts and RSS feedsSave searchesSave favourites

  • Librarians Portal

  • Librarians Portal RegistrationSecond part of registrationComplete the Librarians Portal additional information

  • Librarians Portalcreate a personal profile at the initial stage of registration for saved searches, alerts and amend detailsrelevant newsupload and change branding, including logos and text add Open URLs and imagesregister IP address(es) access to usage statisticsAccount Manager contact detailsuseful resources including what you subscribe to and eBook and journal URL listmigration information and FAQs

  • Support

  • Technical Support [email protected] Services and Sales [email protected]

  • Any questions?

  • Thank you

    *Welcome to the RSC Publishing Platform presentation. *Today we will be focusing on what the RSC Publishing Platform is, the background around it and what the features are. This presentation will take about 45 minutes and if you have any questions, whilst I am presenting, please ask and we will happily answer. I also have my colleagues on the training session to help answer any queries you have and if we cant answer here, then we will provide an answer to all the attendees of the session after the presentation.*So lets first look at what is the RSC Publishing platform?

    This is our new integrated content delivery platform As it is user driven, we will continually develop to provide what you and your users needYou and your researchers now have the ability to search all RSC-hosted content like ejournals, eBooks and databases online from one simple interfacereplaces the existing RSC Publishing website for accessing journal and book contentalso offers a dedicated Librarians Portal where you can manage your RSC subscription*Here we can see the homepage of the RSC Publishing platform.

    * The platform is user driven, we are continually developing and include a feedback link at the top right of each screen so platform visitors can feedback any issues or developments. These are then logged with the development team and prioritised as appropriate with demand * The single search box gives quick and easy access to search results or the advanced search allows more detailed and specific searching* The navigation tabs at the top appear on all platform pages and allow for quick and easy navigation to Journals and Books index pages. You can also find links to alerts and helpThe News feed on this page comes from the individual journal blogs, RSC Publishing blog and RSC Publishing Innovation blogFrom this page your researchers, academics, professionals and scientists can submit papers to our journalsYou can also navigate to the Librarians Portal from this page

    The most read journals and books change dependent on what is the most visited journal or book

    The additional search features allow for more specific searching by article reference and DOI. You can also look by compound and connect direct with ChemSpider (opens in a new window) for structure and text based compound searches

    Available on the home page of the platform, you will also find:

    Most Read journalsNews from RSC Publishing the publishing division of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)Intuitive ways to search or find an article by reference or DOI

    You and your researchers now have the ability to search all RSC-hosted content like ejournals, eBooks and databases online. Highlighted here are the various search tools whether searching by ejournal or eBook or by article.Youll see that there is a single search box at the top right with the advanced search link above for more pinpointed searchingWe have created a Librarians Portal specifically for our librarians. On initial login to the new platform you will need to login as a user and then into the Librarian Portal where your account will be authenticated by a member of the sales team. You will only need to do this once.*In the research undertaken for the platform, these were the core principles identified by our readers and librarians*Enter a search term, keyword or DOI into the simple search box for quick searching

    Click on the advanced search for more detailed searching

    Use the three search boxes located at the bottom of the screen for specific searches including linking to ChemSpider

    Use the tabs at the top of the Platform to navigate through content*After submitting a search, use the tabs to filter by journals, books or non-RSC articles from the RSC databasesAdditional filters down the right hand side offer you to drill down to more specific resultsUsing the expand and collapse feature, review any images relating to an articleUse tools like save a search and download a citationView the journal articles in PDF or HTMLClick on the article link to access the full article on the platform*On the article page you will see the article abstract in fullWhere the article is citedDownload the article in either PDF or HTML as on the search result pageDownload the citation in a relevant formatReview supplementary information relating to this articleUse these tools to share and recommend this article to othersReview related articles and books*When opening an article, they will open in a new window so please ensure pop-ups are not blocked

    There are two types of article format available PDF and HTML*Here we can see how we Search for RSC Journals by clicking on the Journals tab

    The default set to Current Journals

    Listed on the left hand side are the list of your chosen journal selection with the facility to click on alphabetical characters

    Click on Browse by to use the filters to search and filter by:AlphabeticallyCurrent journalsArchive journalsAll journalsBy SubjectBy YearFind an issue or article

    *Here we can see the Journals home page this is where the links on the document on will point to for journals

    For more information on the journal click here this will take you to the old website where our static information is storedRegister for the Journal RSS FeedDownload citation for the selected articlesNavigate with the tabs for advanced articles, issues and themed issues

    Advanced articles we have two different types of advanced articles 1. When article ready for publication but not yet in an issue, it is added as an advanced article2. OBC trialling article published as soon as accepted to get information out soonerIssues collection of articles journal issueThemed issue Editorial board decide what themed issues to do and what subjec

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