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5 tips on how to improve publisher developer relations.


<ul><li> You and your publisher 5 steps for excellent partnership! Dadi Neeman </li> <li> Agenda About Sidekick Know your publisher Find the best business model Help your publisher to help you Define ownership Working process </li> <li> About Sidekick Title: PrimeAction Platform: PrimeSense Title: Aquarium Platform: Intel Ultrabook Title: Air Time Platform: PC (leap motion) Title: Romans from Mars Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android/win8/ Title: Mini Ninjas Adventures Platform: Xbox 360 Kinect Title: Top Smash Tennis Platform: Win8 </li> <li> Search the best partner How strategic your product is for the publisher What is the publisher core audience What are the publishing channels in use How strict the guide lines are </li> <li> Create the best business model Work for hire Rev-share/hybrid Self funding </li> <li> Define ownership Who owns the game? Its all personal your studio strengths Vs. publisher strengths Challenge your publisher Dont stop pushing </li> <li> Working process Weekly production meetings Daily connection Work in milestones Iteration slows down the development process Dont hide cats in the sack </li> <li> Help your publisher to help you Your publisher needs to publish Assume the publisher knows how to do it Implement tools Marketing Analytics Monetization Make sure you get access to all dashboards </li> </ul>