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Prom. Family. Family2. All About me. Things I like. Friends. Me & My sis. Click the sign. Home. Home. Next page. More About me. Home. Things I like. HOME. What I love to do in my spare time. I love to go hang out with friends and either walk around or drive around. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Me & My sisPromFamilyFriendsAll About meThings I likeFamily2

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  • Things I likeHOME

  • What I love to do in my spare timeI love to go hang out with friends and either walk around or drive around.We also like to jam out all the time to music we like or we just get together and talk about all of our problems, like if I hate a subject my friends are always there to help me out and back me up on something.

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  • More things that I love to do in my spare timeSometimes we like to go to Plankinton and hang out with friends because White lake is boring.There is also a lot of drama that we like to stay out of, but sometimes running away from things is a bad idea because it will catch up to you in the end.Next page

  • Here are some things I hateI hate people making fun of other people when they dont even know them.I hate preppy people. I hate two faced people. I hate grinding feed.I also hate people who lie.I hate people who are rude. I hate people that spread rumors.Next page

  • My hobbies are: Hunting for deer and coyotesReading for funDrawing, but most of my drawings are pretty weird and they are very colorfulHome

  • 2006 PROMHome

  • PromProm2Erica Dustin Chels Toby Erica and Dustin Pat Heather Me Chris

  • More Prom PicturesErica at Corsica's promNext PagePrevious Page

  • Prom3Freshman at prom last yearSix of the freshman girls at prom last yearKyla and Trentpromhome


  • FamilyClick here to go to family2My dog Tiny when she was lilSybil and MissyMe and Eric my lil brotherhome

  • Sara is not a blood relative but shes still family.StephErica MayJulie, EricaFamilyNext slide

  • Gabe ,Erica, and MeJohnny, Me, Erica, and My MomMe and Gabehome

  • Info on my familyHome

  • My Half BrothersMy oldest brother Gabe is 32. He works at the Fort Randall Dam in Pickstown.My little brother Eric lives with my dad in Gallup, New Mexico. He's 12.Next page

  • My Sister Erica And My Mom TheresaErica is my older sister. She is very independent and I look up to her. She is not afraid to tell you what shes thinking and she is not afraid to get into fights, plus she is tiny but very strong. Erica works at Marlins I 90 in Mitchell.

    Theresa is my mom. She is very reliable. She loves to read and crochet. She works at Alco in Chamberlain.Home

  • MY FRIENDShome

  • friendsDani: She is really cool person not really jk Ive known her for a long time and she is one of my best friends.

    Twyla is another one of my friends. She is a little weird but oh well she moved here from Minnesota last year shes kool.HomeNext page

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