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BIM andLean Constructionmartin brown@fairsnapefairsnape@gmail.com

A Marriage Made in Heaven?Alfred Bosom 1934


Building Down Barriers

Egan, Rethinking Construction 1998

Accelerating Excellence

Be Valuable

Never waste a Good Crisis

CE Survival Guide

Construction Strategy 2011

Social Value Act 2012

PAS 1192

Construction Vision 2025

collaborative working journey

To produce the right product at the right time in the right quantity for the customer and to produce exactly what you need and nothing more

Lean ThinkingBIM ThinkingUnderstanding lean helps us understand BIM

"everything we do goes into everything we do"HONDA Can we say this for construction Honda 6 sigma = 99.8% Construction 65% ?everything we do goes into only 60% of what we do"CONSTRUCTION

Typical Construction Project Footprint? Can we say this for construction Honda 6 sigma = 99.8% Construction 65% ?compelling reasons for adopting Lean BIMand pre-requisites for successBIM in conjunction with lean construction (ie Last Planner) can get Construction closer to Honda

everything we do goes into everything we do

BIM, like lean construction forces us to focuson end game first, understanding client value and pulling that value through design and construction.BIM willdrive lean and predictable programming and material sequencing.

BIM will streamline the supply value stream for materials, enabling just in time supply, adding value reducing waste and cost.BIM, like Last Planner canreduce firefighting and stress on project management team.BIM will greatly assist in improving information flow and communications, between project partners and supply chainBIM and Lean construction both need committed leadership at organisation and at project level.Core processes (eg design and construction) need to be(re)shaped around Lean Thinking and BIM requirements.16BIM is a people collaboration mindset requiring lean approaches to ensure people (the last planner) involvementEarly contractor and supply chain involvement with strong collaborative culture must be in place.

The construction aspects of projects is the easy bit - "a doddle

The harder, more complex bit is the collaborative working glue that surrounds the design, build and operation of the facility,

whether BIM is used or not

Improving Construction is a monumental challenge but now we have new tools we just need to use them!

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