Keen Hiring Process

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Did you know a mishire can cost a company between 3-5 times the mishire's annual salary and for key contributor, mission critical and next level leadership roles the cost is more like 10 times the annual salary. Beyond the money, weak hiring practices result in low morale, employee disengagement, unwanted turnover, lost sales, upset customers and a mistrust for leadership decisions.

Text of Keen Hiring Process

  • Recruitment & human resources time Salary and benefits outlay Management and training invested Productivity losses New business and business in general Unemployment compensation

    Whats the Cost of a Mishire o It adds up.

  • Combines 3 Key Elements:

    HAVE Key Performance Indicators (Results)

    DO - Critical Functions

    BE - Behaviors, Values, Personalities, Skills, Talents

    Have, Do, Be - Job Description

  • Deadlines Results Produced Performance MeasurementHAVE - Performance Indicators

  • % of time doing what Core accountabilities The doing of producing resultsDO - Critical Functions

  • Behaviors, Talents, Traits, Values, Personality Willingness Want Power Skills, Experience, EducationBE - Selection Criteria

  • Phone ScreenCognitive Assessments Inner ViewValues & Interest AssessmentTraits AssessmentBehavioral InterviewingFull Scope Assessment


    In-depth Hiring Process

  • Behavioral InterviewingPeople get hired for what they can do and fired for who they are.

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    *Overhead was close to $100k per month

    30 hours retraining / week

    10:1 send out to placement

    Loss of several clients

    Filling and refilling (3 fills)

    NEC situation guy stole $100k of computers**Number of candidates

    Interview to activity

    S/O to placement* Source candidates, search, research

    Evaluate and assess

    Follow-up, provide service

    **By knowing the Core Behaviors of the person you hire you are able to look into the future and know who the employee will be on the job after the initial 6 month honeymoon is over. This shortens ramp-up time, increases productivity, reduces turnover and decreases costs.ACHIEVER Individual MotivationConfident and Self-assuredSeeks independence and enjoys due recognitionDriven to high levels of accomplishmentDISCERNER Individual Mode of ThinkingSkilled in self-appraisalQuickly sorts the critical from the superfluousActs appropriately, tactful, knows what not to sayMISSION OF SERVICE Individual & Management MotivationCommitted to customer and loyal to companyTeam player and strong service orientationCommitted to family and communityPROACTIVITY Individual Mode of ActingLooks for solutions and acts rather than be acted uponInitiates change and improvementDoesnt blame or shift responsibilityMASTERY Individual Motivation / Mode of Acting Committed to continual self-education and growthLarge store of industry knowledge and intrigued by new developmentsStrives for excellence, does not rest on status quoVALUES Individual Mode of Thinking Integrity and honesty are hallmarksRefuses to cut corners or over-promiseRepresents company judiciously