Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014 2024

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<ul><li> 1. Contents1. Report Overview1. Report Overview1.1 World Infusion Pumps Market Highlights1.2 World Infusion Pumps Market Segmentation1.3 Why You Should Read This Report1.4 How This Report Delivers1.5 Key Questions Answered by This Analytical Report1.6 Who is This Report For?1.7 Methodology1.8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)1.9 Associated Visiongain Reports1.10 About Visiongain2. Introduction to Infusion Pumps2. Introduction to Infusion Pumps2.1 What is an Infusion Pump?2.2 Types of Infusion2.3 Types of Pumps2.3.1 Gravity Controlled Pumps2.3.2 Positive Displacment Pumps2.3.2.1 Drip Rate Pumps2.3.2.2 Volumetric Pumps2.3.2.3 Syringe Pumps2.3.2.4 Multi-Channel Pumps2.3.2.5 Ambulatory Pumps2.4 History of Infusion</li></ul><p> 2. Contents2.5 What Clinical Settings Will Infusion Pumps be Useful?2.5.1Infusion Pumps for Diabetes2.5.2 Infusion Pumps for Chemotherapy2.5.3 Infusion Pumps for Analgesia2.5.4 Infusion Pumps for Enteral Feeding2.5.5 Other Uses for Infusion Pumps2.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Infusion Pumps2.7 Regulation of the Infusion Pump Market2.7.1The US Approval and Regulation System2.7.2 The EU Approval and Regulation System2.7.2.1 Expected Changes in the New EU Medical Device Regulations2.7.2.2 When Will the Changes be Finalised? Post Marketing Surveillance in the EU2.8 Infusion Pump Market Definition3. Infusion Pumps: World Market 2014-20243. Infusion Pumps: World Market 2014-20243.1 World Medical Devices Market 2013-20233.2 World Infusion Pumps Market 20133.3 World Infusion Pumps Market: Sales Forecast 2014-20243.3.1 The Infusion Pups Market: Sales Forecast 2013-20183.3.2 The Infusion Pups Market: Sales Forecast 2018-20243.4 Insulin Pumps Lead the World Speciality Infusion Pumps Market3.5 How Will Segmental Market Shares Change to 2024?3.6 World Infusion Pumps Market: Drivers and Restraints 3. Contents3.6.1 Ageing Population and Rising Incidences of Chronic Diseases3.6.2 Advancement in Infusion Pump Technologies3.6.3 A Shift Towards Home Care3.6.4 Safety Risk and Stringent Approval Process4. Leading National Markets 2014-20244. Leading National Markets 2014-20244.1 Regional Breakdown of World Infusion Pumps Market 20134.2 Infusion Pumps National Market Forecast 2014-20244.2.1 How Will National Market Shares Change to 2024?4.3 US Infusion Pumps Market 20134.3.1 US Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.3.2 US Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.3.2.1 Ageing Population and Increase Prevalence of Diabetes4.3.2.2 HITECH Act: Increase Medical Technology Innovations4.3.2.3 FDA Infusion Pumps Recall4.3.2.4 Effects of the US Medical Device Excise Tax4.3.2.5 Hospital Readmission Reduction Program: Increase Demand for Homecare4.4 European Infusion Pumps Market 20134.4.1 European Infusion Pumps Market forecast 2014-20244.4.1.1 How Will European Market Shares Change to 2024?4.4.2 Europe Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.4.2.1 New EU Medical Device Regulations: Potential Impact on Manufacturers4.4.3 Germany Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.4.3.1 German Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and 4. Contents4.4.4 French Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.4.4.1 French Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.4.5 UK Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.4.5.1 UK Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.4.6 Italian Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.4.6.1 Italian Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.4.7 Spanish Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.4.7.1 Spanish Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.5 Japanese Infusion Pumps Market 20134.5.1 Japanese Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.5.2 Japanese Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.5.2.1 Improved Approval Process4.5.2.2 The Cost of Treatment in Japan4.6 Chinese Infusion Pumps Market 20134.6.1 Chinese Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.6.2 Chinese Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.6.2.1 Chinas 12th Five-Year-Plan (2010-2015) New Policies Favouring Domestically-Made Medical Devices4.7 Indian Infusion Pumps Market 20134.7.1 Indian Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.7.2 Indian Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.7.2.1 Improved Standard Regulatory Structure4.7.2.2 Expansion of Healthcare Provision4.8 Brazilian Infusion Pumps Market 5. Contents4.8.1 Brazilian Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.8.2 Brazilian Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.8.2.1 Challenges within the Brazilian Medical Devices Market4.9 South Korean Infusion Pumps Market 20134.9.1 South Korean Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.9.2 South Korean Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.9.2.1 Expansion of South Korean Medical Devices Market4.10 Russian Infusion Pumps Market 20134.10.1 Russian Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-20244.10.2 Russian Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.10.2.1 Russian Healthcare Development Plan 2013-20204.10.2.2 New Russian Medical Devices Regulations 20145. Insulin Pumps Submarket 2014-20245. Insulin Pumps Submarket 2014-20245.1 Introduction to Insulin Pumps5.1.1 The Dosing of Insulin in Insulin Pumps5.1.1.1 Bolus Infusion5.1.1.2 Basal Infusion5.1.2 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Insulin Pumps5.1.3 Human Insulin and analogues Primarily Used in Insulin Pumps5.2 Insulin Infusion Pumps Submarket 20135.2.1 Insulin Pumps Submarket Regional Breakdown 20135.3 Insulin Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 2014-20245.3.1 Insulin Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 6. Contents5.3.2 Insulin Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 2018-20245.4 Leading Products in Insulin Pumps Submarket 20145.4.1 OmniPod (Insulet Corporation)5.4.2 MiniMed Paradigm (Medtronic)5.4.3 OneTouch Ping (Animas Corporation)5.4.4 Accu-Chek Spirit (Disetronic, subsidiary of Roche)5.4.5 t:Slim (Tandem Diabetes Care)5.4.6 Asante Snap (Asante Solutions)5.4.7 DANA Diabecare IISG (SOOIL)5.4.8 SpringZone (D. Medical Industries)5.4.9 Cellnovo (Cellnovo)5.4.10 V-Go (Valeritas)5.5 Key Insulin Pumps Pipeline Products 20145.5.1 Finesse Personal Insulin Patch (Johnson &amp; Johnson)5.5.2 SOLO MicroPump (Roche)5.5.3 JewelPump (Debiotech)5.5.4 Artificial Pancreas (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)5.5.5 PaQ (CeQur)5.5.6 t:Sensor &amp; t:Flex (Tandem Diabetes Care)5.5.7 Animas Vibe (Johnson &amp; Johnson)5.5.8 Freehand (MedSolve Technologies)5.5.9 NanoPump (Debiotech)5.5.10 PassPort (Altea Therapeutics)5.5.11 NiliPatch (D.Medical Industries) 7. Contents5.6 Insulin Pumps Submarket: Drivers and Restraints 2014-20245.6.1 New Entrants Fuel Innovative Technologies5.6.2 Collaborations Advance Innovations to Address Unmet Need in Artificial PancreasSystems5.6.3 Strong R&amp;D Pipeline5.6.4 Rapid Increase in Prevalence of Diabetes Worldwide5.6.5 Increasing Acceptance of Insulin Pumps in Developed Economies5.6.6 Reimbursement of Insulin Pumps Will Give Long-Term Economic Benefits5.6.7 More Expensive Insulin Infusion Therapy Limit Its Successful Penetration in EmergingMarkets5.6.8 Security Risks with Insulin Pumps5.7 Concluding Remarks6. Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket 2014-20246. Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket 2014-20246.1 Introduction to Enteral Feeding Pumps6.1.1 Clinical Settings That May Require Enteral Feeding6.1.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Enteral Feeding6.1.3 Delivery of Enteral Feeding6.1.3.1 Tube Placements Used in Enteral Feeding6.1.4 Enteral Feeding at Home6.2 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket 20136.2.1 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket Regional Breakdown 20136.3 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 2014-20246.3.1 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 8. Contents6.3.2 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 2018-20246.4 Leading Products in Enteral Feeding Pump Submarket 20146.4.1 Compat DualFlo Enteral Feeding Pump (Nestle)6.4.2 Sentinel Enteral Feeding Pump (ALCOR Scientific)6.4.3 EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump (Moog)6.4.4 APPLIX Vision (Fresenius Kabi)6.4.5 MiniFlo (Fresenius Kabi)6.4.6 Nutricia FloCare Infinity Pump (Danone Nutricia)6.4.7 Sapphire (Q Core Medical)6.4.8 Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump (Covidien)6.4.9 Other Notable Enteral Feeding Pumps6.5 Enteral Feeding Pumps Submarket: Drivers and Restraints 2014-20246.5.1 Development of Cost-Effective, Increased Safety and Technologically AdvancedProducts6.5.2 Growing World Geriatric Population and Prevalence of Chronic Diseases6.5.3 Increasing Demand for Homecare Solutions and Portability6.5.4 Exit to Abbott in the US Enteral Feeding market in 20136.5.5 Introduction of ISOs Standards for Small-Bore Connectors6.5.6 Replacement of Pumps and Sales of Disposable Feeding Sets Will Sustain MarketRevenue6.5.7 Highly Competitive Market with High Barriers to Entry6.6 Concluding 9. Contents7. Other Infusion Pumps Submarket 2014-20247. Other Infusion Pumps Submarket 2014-20247.1 Other Infusion Pumps Submarket Definition7.2 Other Infusion Pumps Submarket 20137.3 Other Infusion Pumps Submarket: Sales Forecast 2014-20247.4 Chemotherapy Pumps7.4.1 Introduction to Chemotherapy Pumps7.4.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Chemotherapy Pumps7.4.3 Leading Drugs in the Cancer Therapeutics Market 20147.4.4 Current State of Chemotherapy Pumps Market 20147.4.5 Leading Products in Chemotherapy Pumps Market 20147.4.5.1 Infusor Infusion Pump (Baxter) CODMAN 3000 (Johnson &amp; Johnson) Optima MS (Fresenius Kabi) CADD Legacy-1 (Smiths Medical) Other Notable Chemotherapy Pumps7.4.6 Key Chemotherapy Pumps Pipeline Products 20147.4.6.1 Metronomic Biofeedback Pump (Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation)7.4.7 Chemotherapy Pumps Market: Drivers and Restraints 2014-20247.4.8 Concluding Remarks7.5 Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps7.5.1 Introduction to Patient Controlled Analgesia7.5.1.1 What are PCA Pumps? How Does a PCA Pump Work? Clinical Settings Where PCA Pumps are 10. Contents7.5.1.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of PCA Pumps7.5.2 Leading Drugs in the Pain Relief Market7.5.2.1 Narcotic Drugs7.5.2.2 World Narcotic Pain Relieving Drugs Market: Sales forecast 2014-20247.5.3 Current State of PCA Pumps Market 20147.5.4 Leading Products in the PCA Pumps Market 20147.5.4.1 LifeCare PCA with Hospira MedNet Software (Hospira) GemStar Infusion Pump System (Hospira) Alaris PCA (CareFusion) Baxter PCA II (Baxter) Curlin PainSmart IOD Pain Management System (B.Braun) Perfusor Space PCA Infusion Pump (B.Braun) CADD-Solis Infusion Pump (Smiths Medical) Other Notable PCA Pumps7.5.5 Key PCA Infusion Pump Pipeline Products 20147.5.5.1 MIP (Debiotech)7.5.6 PCA Pumps Market: Drivers and Restraints 2014-20247.5.7 Concluding Remarks8. Competing Technology Analysis 2014-20248. Competing Technology Analysis 2014-20248.1 Drug Delivery Technologies8.1.1 Introduction to Drug Delivery Technologies (DDT)8.1.2 Types of Technologies for Drug Delivery8.1.2.1 Sustained/Controlled Release 11. Contents8.1.2.2 Injection8.1.2.3 Needle Free Injections8.1.2.4 Pulmonary, Buccal and Nasal Delivery8.1.2.5 Pills and Capsules8.2 World Drug Delivery Technologies Market 20138.2.1 Drug Delivery Technologies Market Regional Breakdown 20138.3 World Drug Delivery Technologies Market Forecast 2014-20248.4 Key Drug Delivery Pipeline Products 20148.5 Concluding Remarks9. Qualitative Analysis of the Infusion Pumps Market 2014-20249. Qualitative Analysis of the Infusion Pumps Market 2014-20249.1 SWOT Analysis of World Infusion Pumps Market 2014-20249.2 Strengths9.2.1 Pumpers Have Improved Quality of Life and Less Hospital Visits9.2.2 Highly Accurate Dosing at Regular Intervals9.2.3 Usage in a Wide Range of Clinical Settings9.3 Weaknesses9.3.1 Expensive Technologies May Restrain the Market9.3.2 Safety Concerns Will Act to Restrain the Market9.3.3 Pumps are Cumbersome and May Discourage Potential Users9.4 Opportunities9.4.1 Off-Patent Drugs Will Help to Drive the Market9.4.2 Higher Growth in Emerging Economies9.4.3 Technological Advancement Opens New Market 12. Contents9.4.4 Patient Demographics9.5 Threats9.5.1 Novel Drug Delivery Systems May be Cheaper and More Effective9.5.2 Regulatory Authorities are Reluctant to Take Risks9.5.3 Cost Effectiveness May be Difficult to Prove9.5.4 Poor Macroeconomic Conditions in Key Regions of the Market9.5.5 Increasing Bargaining Power of Buyers9.6 Porters Five Force Analysis of the Infusion Pumps Market9.6.1 Rivalry Among Competitors [High]9.6.2 Threat of New Entrants [Medium]9.6.3 Power of Suppliers [Medium]9.6.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers [High]9.6.5 Threat of Substitutes [Medium]10. Research Interviews10. Research Interviews10.1 Interview with Prof. Charles Clark, Former Associate Dean at Indiana University School ofMedicine10.1.1 New Glucose-Analysing Programme10.1.2 Restraints in the Chinese Insulin Pumps Market10.1.3 Market Potentials in the Insulin Pumps Market10.1.4 Opportunities for Infusion Pumps Manufacturers10.1.5 Size of the Current Chinese Insulin Pumps Market10.1.6 Challenges Facing Infusion Pumps Manufacturers in Emerging Economies10.1.7 The Future of Insulin Pumps Market? 13. Contents11. Conclusions11. Conclusions11.1 Infusion Pumps: A Growing Specialist Market11.2 The World Infusion Pumps Market 201411.2.1 Leading Infusion Pumps Submarkets 201411.2.2 Leading Infusion Pump Products 201411.2.3 Leading National Markets 201411.3 Infusion Pumps Pipeline Products 201411.4 World Infusion Pump Market: Consistent Growth Over 2014-202411.5 The Future of the Infusion Pumps Market?11.5.1 Safety Concerns &amp;Stringent Regulations Will Continue to Restrain the Market11.5.2 Trend Towards Pumps Usage in Homecare Settings11.5.3 What Will Succeed in the Infusion Pumps Market? 14. Infusion Pumps Market Forecast 2014-2024:Prospects for Leading Companies4.3.2 US Infusion Pumps Market: Trends and Developments4.3.2.1 Ageing Population and Increase Prevalence of DiabetesThe expanding aging population in the US will keep driving the overall market forward during thenext decade, visiongain predicts. Figure 4.9 shows the current and expected number of peopleaged 65 or over in the US throughout the forecast period. The ageing population is resulting in arise of age-related conditions, significantly increasing demands on healthcare innovation.Insulin pumps will continue to see strong revenue in the US. It is currently estimated that diabetesaffects over 24 million residents in the US and is currently the 5th leading cause of death in thecountry. According to WHO by the year 2020, approximately 52% of the US population will havediabetes or pre-diabetes. From a financial viewpoint, diabetes is one of the biggest burdens facingthe government, costing the healthcare system over $130bn per year.Fi...</p>


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