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  • 1.How to Choose a CRM System

2. How to Choose a CRM SystemWhen it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), its important tounderstand all the benefits of an integrated CRM system before beginning yourselection process. Thats why we created this guide to provide you with theessential information you need to make the best decision possible.This guide is designed to help you build the business case for a CRM system,form an effective project team, ask the right questions, identify the challengesinvolved and much more.You may be wondering, Why would a software company like ACCPAC distributea booklet that doesnt promote its own products? We know how important it isto have great information before making great decisions. Whats more, wereconfident that the more you know about CRM systems, the more likely you areto seriously consider and ultimately choose ACCPAC software solutions. Inother words, our software stands up to the most stringent selection criteria.We at ACCPAC look forward to helping you succeed in choosing the CRMsolution thats best for your organization. 3. Understanding CRMalso acts as a sales assistant to help you automateroutine sales tasks allowing you to spend more CRM is more than just software or a settime focusing on strategic sales issues. of processes its a business culture solidly focused on winning and keeping the right Improved customer service customers. A good CRM solution buildsCustomer satisfaction is a critical success factor value for your business by opening up vitalfor all businesses. The right system allows your communication channels and creating a common team to take a proactive approach to customer client-focused knowledgebase to better serve yourservice. With up-to-date customer information clients. at their fingertips, your employees can resolve CRM is about understanding the buying habits customer issues more quickly and successfully. and preferences of your customers and prospects, Improved customer service also opens doors for so you can:revenue-generating loyalty campaigns and long-lasting relationships with your customers. Build and strengthen customer relationships to keep them coming back. Better decision-making Provide value-added services that areCRM systems provide a single view of the difficult for competitors to duplicate.customer across all touch points and channels,as well as delivering comprehensive reports of Improve your product development and customer behaviors, marketing campaign results service delivery processes.and sales activity. Each of these elements are Increase your staffs awareness of customernecessary for smart decision-making and long- needs. term strategic planning. Reduce customer frustration by not asking Greater efficiency the same questions over and over.With an integrated CRM solution, you can gainimmediate access to your organizations critical By effectively integrating your marketing, salescustomer information. A good CRM solution and customer service functions, a good CRMalso creates internal efficiencies by automating system makes it easier for everyone inside yourworkflow processes, reducing human error, company to work together and share criticaldecreasing process time and providing information.consistency throughout the entire organization. An effective CRM system empowers your customers and prospects to do business with you A foundation for growth the way they choose. Imagine connecting your The right CRM solution can help you manage customers to your employees and business the growth of your organization. Effective CRM partners across any department, through anysystems allow for additional users and modules, process and via any communication device and provide the option to integrate with other phone, fax, e-mail, text chat and the Web. crucial business systems. A properly installed and implemented CRM system can contribute many benefits to yourGetting Started organization, including: Most companies require that you justify the needfor a new system before you make a purchase. New sales opportunitiesThats why its important to determine all the The more you know about your customers and different ways your company will benefit from a their buying habits, the better prepared youll be CRM system. Building a case for CRM provides when theyre ready to make a purchase. A goodthe necessary background information to help CRM system will classify your prospects andyou define the need, justify the cost and help identify your best customers. With detailed demonstrate the value of the investment. For best information on your customers, you can results, get the key people in your company to accurately project and respond to their buying agree on and share a unified vision for customer needs throughout the sales cycle. A good systemrelationship management from executives to2 How to Choose a CRM System 4. programmers to customer care personnel. Everyone shouldhave the same goal in mind and agree to work to that end. Thisis, of course, always easier said than done! Understanding the CoreElect a core teamComponents of CRMTheres nothing worse than having a great plan, and no one CRM helps to increase productivity across yourto follow through on it. With that in mind, establish a coregroup of individuals dedicated to driving the CRM project to marketing, sales and support functions. By understandingcompletion. Before planning your strategy and implementation,the many ways CRM can improve your companysmake sure your team includes a project leader and projecteffectiveness, you can better communicate those benefitsmanagers to oversee the functional divisions of your to key decision makers.organization such as marketing, sales, customer serviceand technical departments. Since a CRM system generallyMarketing Automationintegrates across multiple functional systems, having a projectIn order to build lasting and more profitable customermanager from each group ensures all processes are accounted relationships, you need to identify, execute and replicatefor that affect their division. effective marketing initiatives across all your salesIn addition to the groups directly affected by the CRM channels. An automated CRM system provides the toolssystem, its wise to include representatives from other majordepartments or divisions in your project team. Without buy-infor marketing teams to:from top to bottom and across all divisions, the success of your Develop, target and implement campaigns.project may be limited. In addition, consider picking people for Manage and analyze marketing budgets.the team who are not in favor of a new system, in addition to Maintain lists and track responses.those who are excited about the change. Open dialog and Track collateral distribution.honest criticism will increase your chances of getting the job Analyze campaign results.done right.Set your goals Sales Force Automation (SFA)Your team should have a shared understanding of your CRM SFA enables you to analyze the entire sales cycle andgoals. To achieve this, the core group should identify yoursuccessfully manage your sales pipeline from firstorganizations objectives, focus on processes that require contact to final sale. SFA systems provide the tools forreengineering and discuss the appropriate courses of action. sales teams to:Examine your current processes Perform analysis to ensure time and energy are spentAnalyze your existing business processes from manyon the deals most likely to close.viewpoints, both internal and external, to find out how they Improve lead distribution and tracking.impact both your organization and your customers. Ask your Analyze training and performance.sales force, marketing and customer service teams to identifyand document best practices. By evaluating your processes Centralize contact and interaction, you can identify whats working and whats not, and Effectively process quotes and orders.prepare to implement a new CRM system that emulates the Provide remote sales staff with instant access tomost effective strategies for achieving success.corporate information.Ask questions Customer Support AutomationIts important to ask questions, especially if youre findingthat your organization is not as productive as it can be. ThinkYour customer support department must develop theabout the challenges your organization is currently facing inrelationships that create customer loyalty and generatemarketing, sales and customer support. Here are some repeat sales. Automated CRM provides customer supportquestions you may want to address: teams with the tools they need to: How are inaccuracies negatively impacting your Increase call center efficiency.organization? Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. What do you need to accurately track your marketing Better manage interactions and call escalation.campaigns? Deliver higher levels of customer service.How to Choose a CRM System3 5. What information or reports are being requested that currently cannot be generated8 Helpful Hints for Promoting CRM as a or delivered?Business Culture: Which reports are produced that include information that exists somewhere and needs1. Build a case for change. Think about the impact of the CRMto be manually completed?strategy on people the benefits and consequences of changing, How can your current system integrate withor not changing. your e-business initiatives?2. Hold regular meetings across all departments to communicate What information do you need to make strategic decisions?project progress, problems encountered and resolutions for any You may want the help of an experiencedoutstanding issues. consultant during the analysis. Refer to page 5 for more information about choosing3. Keep employees in the loop by providing information and clarity a consultant.about what is happening, when changes will take place and howthey will be impacted. Dont forget about hard-to-quantify benefits4. Encourage employees to speak