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10 insights into growing health businesses


<ul><li> 1. Healthy Profits 10 Insights into growing healthbusinesses</li></ul> <p> 2. GrowthStoriesBringing you a flavour of businessgrowth just 5 minutesA Futures Coaching 3. ipads for grandmaTablets will revolutionise M-Health for the aged since mobile phones are simply too tinyThe elderly read ipads 3X fasterthan books (source: Johannes Gutenberg University)Already widely used by Pharmareps in doctors surgeries, huge wave of App innovation isunderway e.g. tests for Alzheimers 4. living forever 15% of the British want to live forever But 21% of 18-24yos want immortality(source: ComRes/Dying Matters, 2011) Suggests a get-them-whilst-they-are-young strategy 5. ageing frameworkOf the big nations of the world, Japan followed by Italythen Germany have the oldest populations By 2040 S. Korea will also be vying to be The Oldest Country On Earth (source: CSIS)Varying distribution of elderly, suggests geographically targeted healthcare strategies 6. life supportAgeing is not just a numbers gameAn analysis of countries witha) high pension sustainability and b) high incomes for pensioners reveals 2 countries will have strongauto-medication markets - Australia - Chile (source: Global Ageing Preparedness Index, 2010) 7. self helpA 2012 report from Switzerland shows that e-Health is only going to increase * 84% have used the internet for health matters* 1/3 have cancelled a doctors appointment because of what theyve found* Around a half have discussed their search findings with their doctor* 70% want to be able to consult their personal health files online (source: Swisscom, 2012) 8. consumeraccelerated health Patients helping patients: the next paradigm in consumer healthToday for chronic disease, new markets are possible in self medication 9. but is it health? The blurring of beauty and health will grow and growFrom cosmeceuticals to cosmetic surgery....the latter is forecast to double in size by 2017 (source: Future 10. smile :)Anti-ageing creams (worth $20Bn in USA) and skin whiteners(a $2Bn global market) will continue their explosive growth, driven by the developing worldTeeth will be the next face focus. Beyond crowns &amp; bleaches,bioengineering will bring us tooth regeneration by 2017making fillings, bridges and dentures a thing of the past 11. my own hospitalExpect exponential growth in home-use devices to monitor healthFrom blood pressure to blood sugar, sleep patterns to fitness levels 12. a big problemObseity is big. Fat kids have tripled in the USA since 1970 This one is just going to grow and grow - with diabetesand heart disease rates increasing in tandemWatch for reversals in NYC, theres beena 6% drop in obese kids from 2006-2011 13. About Futures CoachingCelebrating 5 years!Working for great clients Doing great thingsAnticipating* the future of retail* the future of offices* the future of banking* the future of mobilityInnovating* new fund-raising offers* consumer healthcare NPDCoaching* trends training for insight teams* personal rejuvenationSpeaking* engagements from Taipei to TorontoResearching* management interviews* expert in-depths* consumer focus groups 14. LONDON PARIS Website: www.futurescoaching.comBlog: http://futurescoaching.typepad.comEmail:</p>