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ABSTRACTGRUMA, S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1949 by Roberto Gonzalez Barrera; It is part of the processing industry in the field of food, beverages and tobacco.Gruma is currently the largest producer of corn flour and tortilla worldwide. Its operations are based primarily on the production, marketing, distribution and sale of corn flour, packaged tortillas, and wheat flour. Its subsidiaries are located in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America and Venezuela. It also has 14,958 employees and 74 plants distributed in these regions.

RESUMENGRUMA, S.A. de C.V. fue fundada en 1949 por Roberto Gonzlez Barrera; es parte de la industria de transformacin en el campo de la alimentacin, bebidas y tabaco.Gruma es actualmente el mayor productor de harina de maz y tortillas en el mundo. Su funcionamiento se basa principalmente en la produccin, comercializacin, distribucin y venta de harina de maz, tortilla empacada y harina de trigo.Sus subsidiarias se encuentran en los Estados Unidos, Europa, Mxico, Amrica Central y Venezuela. Adems, cuenta con 14.958 empleados y 74 plantas distribuidas en estas regiones.

RSUMGRUMA, S.A. de C.V. a t fonde en 1949 par Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, Il fait partie de l'industrie de transformation dans le domaine des denres alimentaires, boissons et tabac.Gruma est actuellement le plus grand producteur de farine de mas et de la tortilla dans le monde entier. Ses activits sont bases principalement sur la production, la commercialisation, la distribution et la vente de farine de mas, des tortillas emballs, et la farine de bl.Ses filiales sont situes aux tats-Unis, en Europe, au Mexique, en Amrique centrale et du Venezuela. Il a galement 14,958 employs et 74 usines rparties dans ces rgions.

INTRODUCTION The evolution of Mexican investment abroad began in the early seventies; internationalization was carried out by the great Mexican corporate groups producing dynamic and profitable sectors, through forms of organization that, among other things, recourse to external borrowing (Torres, 2006).In this paper I will talk about the process of internationalization of the company Gruma.I will analyze as Gruma has managed to internationalize in major countries like USA, Europe etc.

The company is substantially linked to food and Mexican culture, the tortilla is the most important food in their diet. Corn generally and especially the tortilla is a food that is part of the culture and idiosyncrasies of Mexican and more broadly of the Mesoamerican peoples, its consumption dates back to pre-Hispanic times. The traditional way making corn tortilla is to use a method by which makes cooking the corn to strip him of his shell, this process is known as nixtamalizacin, resulting in "mass". The next step in the value chain is the development of derivative products nixtamalizacincorn, among which the tortilla.

Outstanding dataYEAREVENT1949The first flour mill corn in the industrialized world opens in Cerralvo, Nuevo Leon 1973At the request of the Government of Costa Rica, Gruma inroads in that market.1977Acquires the plant of Mission Foods in United States1978Begins with its subsidiary Tecnomaz and initiates the production of machinery for tortillas with brand TORTEC1982Installs in Texas, United States the first corn mill1987Begins Operations in Honduras1992Gruma acquires 10% of Grupo Financiero Banorte1993Begins Operations in Guatemala, Venezuela and El Salvador1996Acquires two corn flour mills in the United States1996Acquires two corn flour mills in Mxico. 1997Opens its first offices in London, England.1999Acquires the company Molinos National C.A. MONACA of Venezuela, second largest producer of wheat flour and corn.2000Opens its first European tortilla plant in England, plant construction.2004Acquires a corn mill in Italy2004Acquires a tortilla plant in Holland2006Gruma INTERNATIONAL FOODS SL is created in Spain2006Acquires Pride Valley Foods 2007The plant begins operations in Malaysia2009Mission is launched in Australia with a variety of products2010a plant with high standards of sustainability, energy conservation and water opens in the United States.2010Acquires a plant in Ukraine.2011Acquires Solntse in Russia2012In August Roberto Gonzalez Barrera dies founder of Gruma.2012Lic. Juan Gonzalez Moreno was appointed chairman of the board2012buying shares of ADM materializes.2014Acquires Mexfood in Europe

STRATEGIESThe strategies of the company in its growth process have been of a different type, such as: Product innovation, process development, vertical and horizontal integration, product differentiation, entry into new markets, both domestic and international. They emphasize its technological and administrative developments.

Gruma has sustained its success based on the research and development of proprietary technology over the years. For all these reasons, now it has the most advanced technology for the construction of plants producing corn flour and tortilla producing greater volumes at lower operating cost, which helps reduce equally variable costs.


Gruma Corporation

Its operations are based in the US and Europe, it produces and distributes corn flour, corn and wheat tortillas and other related products. It began operations in 1977 and is today the fastest growing subsidiary and representation for GRUMA, and 4 that generates higher sales for the group. Ranks first as producer of corn flour in the US market and its products are distributed in more than 30,000 stores.

Gruma Venezuela

Is the second largest producer of corn and wheat flour in Venezuela, is formed by Nationals, C.A. (MONACA) and derivatives Selected Corn, C.A. (DEMASECA)Its market share is 34% in industry cornmeal and 33% in wheat.

Gruma Centroamerica

Operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Its basein Costa Rica, it produces corn flour, tortillas and snacks, as well as cultivating hearthearts of palm and rice. Its market share cornmeal is 69%.


Grupo industrial maseca, S.A. de C.V. It is mainly engaged in the production, distribution, and sale of corn flour in Mexico. It has 18 plants located throughout the country. Its market share is 73% and is the second division with the highest sales for the group.

ConclusionCurrently, more than half of the tortillas consumed worldwide are made with cornmeal made by Gruma (Grupo Maseca).

The great success of GRUMA is due in part to its high technology, also one of the fundamental pillars is related to combat the serious problems of obesity and malnutrition that exists in markets where markets, especially in Mexico.The result is a food with important nutritional value, being low in total and saturated fat, cholesterol free and sugar, low in sodium and high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and fiber.

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