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Enterprise Social MediaThe Next Trend in B2B Social Media Marketing is often one of the first functions within an enterprise to adopt social media. Customer service/technical support and HR usually follow in the B2B enterprise. With so many functional areas tapping into social media, how will the organization ensure that all functions follow social media good practice, support the integrity of the corporate brand, and gain the productivity advantages of enterprise social media? Some enterprises are establishing a social media center of excellence that leverages the social media experience and expertise of colleagues to enable the enterprise to benefit from social media in terms of accelerated innovation, effective knowledge sharing, and greater productivity. What B2B Marcom can offer the social media center of excellence? Enterprise social media can increase a company's agility and help provide a competitive advantage. Driving more effective collaboration, greater transparency/fewer silos and innovation are just a few goals of a social enterprise. Often, large companies have the social media tools, but lack an overarching strategy for how to use the tools effectively. This is where marketing communications can help. After all, one of the goals of marketing communications is to boost leads by creating compelling content that drives visitors to websites and engages them in social channels and throughout the buying cycle. Large businesses have similar needs relative to their colleagues, particularly in globally distributed enterprises. For example, how does a center function "sell" their services to field or satellite facilities, especially if the facilities aren't aware of the services? How can colleagues locate subject matter experts? This presentation covers some of the basics and includes an opportunity to download a free 9-page white paper that include additional information and enterprise social media references.


  • 1.Enterprise Social MediaThe Next Trend in B2B Social MediaJ. Damico Marketing Communicationswww.jdamico.netCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications

2. Table of Contents Why Enterprise Social Media? What B2B Marcom Can Offer the Social Media Center ofExcellence Educating the workforce: Learnings from B2B marcom Getting to know you: Leverage extroverted marcomcolleagues to build effective profiles Content management in the enterprise using an integratedB2B marcom model How to integrate social tools into the communications mix Social media dos & donts from the B2B marcom experience MetricsCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 3. What are enterprises trying to achieve? Enterprise SocialMedia can Better leverageknowledge AccelerateInnovation IncreaseproductivityCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 4. What B2B Marcom Offers Enterprise Social Media Vision Leadership Tactical CompetenceCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 5. Why B2B Marcom? B2B marcom can help the enterprise avoid common social media mistakes Weve already made them! As a resultCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 6. B2B Marcom Helps Speed Adoption Gain leadershipbuy in / support Establish goals andobjectives Metrics matter Train colleagues What to do What NOT to doCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 7. Learnings from B2B Marcom It all boils down toSEO Create pull Find expertise Get what youwant, when andwhere you need it.If it sounds like marketing thats because it is!Copyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 8. More Learnings from B2B Marcom Build effective profiles Who are theinfluencers? How can they help? On what keywords are colleagues searching? Does your profileinclude them?Copyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 9. Content Drives Social Media Use an integratedmarcom model tobuild content Include context incommunications How does your message fit with enterprise vision, goals, objecti ves? Influence behavioral changes that impact resultsCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 10. More on Content Drives Social Media Communicate clearly & effectively Match the method with the message Short and sweet Drive readers to more in-depth content General announcements Reinforce messagesCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 11. Integrate Social Tools Effectively Integrate social tools with: Email Online communities Face-to-face events Webinars Websites Why?...Copyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 12. Improve Communications Effectiveness Cut through clutter Encourage dialogue Promote inclusion Initiate innovationCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 13. Integration Example: HR Announcement New healthcarePost toactivitypackages availablestream Comment in Email commun- Objective: ities Elicit action SMS Posters (mobile)Sign messageup!Lunch-Intranet room tentsite cards banner Employee HR siteevent(details)Copyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 14. Integration Example: Technical Challenge Capitalize onStartsupply shortage communitydiscussion Objective:SMS (mobile) Email Utilize excessmessage manufacturing capacity Deliver! Drive colleagues to community VideoAnnounce inactivity conference discussion stream Applicableintranet site announce-mentCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 15. Whats the point?TransparencyFindable informationReduce / eliminate silosKnowledge transferKnowledge shareIncrease productivityCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 16. Social Media Dos & Donts Do Dont Establish goals Focus on tools Focus on business Expect theresultsorganization to get Gain leadershipit at firstsupport Underestimate the Train colleagues cultural change Produce relevantcontentCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 17. Formula for Enterprise Social Media SuccessClearly Leader- SocialRelevantdefinedship mediaquality SUCCESS goalssupporttraining contentCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 18. Metrics Did you achieve Indicatorsyour goal? Participation / Did innovation membershipresult? Number of discussions / Was a problemcommentssolved quickly? Number of likes Quality of discussion Site visits Time spent on a given site / pageCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 19. Enterprise Social Media Prediction Social media will become an enablingplatform for effective enterprisecollaboration & communication. Its no less transformative thantelecommunications systems were in thepast.Copyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 20. Learn more Download a 9-page white paper, Enterprise Social Media: The Next Trend in B2B Social MediaCopyright 2013, J. Damico Marketing Communications 21. Thank you joan[at]jdamico.net @copywriter4uCopyright 2006, J. Damico Marketing Communications