Digital Transformation: What to Cultivate and What to let go!

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Text of Digital Transformation: What to Cultivate and What to let go!

  • A Digital Transformation Journey

    Sriram Sabesan

    Summer Conference Ottawa 2017

    7/24/2017 1

  • About

    7/24/2017 2

    Sriram Sabesan Partner, Conexiam 20+ years in Consulting

    Active in improving architecture profession

    Active in Open Group Board of The Open Group

    Open CA Certification Board

    Architecture and Open Platform 3.0TMForum

    Shares knowledge openly Whitepapers



    IEEE Digital Transformation IASA

  • Conexiam

    7/24/2017 3

    Management consulting company

    Uses an enterprise architecture approach

    Operates in North America, Europe& the Middle East

    Two core services

    Develops clients EA teams

    Delivers Enterprise Architecture

    Contributing thought leaders

    The Open Group

    IT4IT Forum, Digital Transformation, Architecture Forum, Cloud Forum, Real-time Forum, Platform 3 Forum, Security Forum

    The SABSA Institute

    Public commentary

  • Agenda

    My Journey to the Great Reveal

    The Seven Levers

    Cultivating the Mindset

    7/24/2017 4

  • Most Common View!

    7/24/2017 5

  • This Mattered!Lack of good understanding is bad for business

    Simplify and Guide is our motto!

    7/24/2017 6

  • Phase 1: Austin 16

    7/24/2017 7



    Value Realization

    Portfolio Manager

    Enterprise Architect

    View Slides here

  • Phase 2: San Francisco 17

    7/24/2017 8



    Delivery Acceleration

    Enterprise Architect

    Product Owner

    View Slides here

  • What Gave us a Pause?

    Reception and Conversation made us think more!

    Blurry Big Picture!

    Who is the right Audience?

    7/24/2017 9

  • The Back Story

    7/24/2017 10

  • Meet Meena the Quantifier

    7/24/2017 11


    Owns RFID manufacturing Company


    Time is of essence!


    Stay Fit!

  • Meet Sukhi a Kindred Spirit

    7/24/2017 12

    Solving similar Customer Challenges

    Significance of Enterprise Boundary

    Cyber-Physical Continuum

  • Meet Tom the Customer who wants to be known

    7/24/2017 13

    Hi Amy, I will take the Usual today!

    Usual = Knowing

    past orderShipment


    signature preference!

    20+ Touchpoints

    5 Processes

    80+ Applications

    4 Data Centers

    Sales Fulfillment Billing Logistics

  • The a-ha Moment

    7/24/2017 14


    From Value Chain to Value Networks!

    Surface to CoreEnd to End

  • The Whole Board Seven Levers!

    Strategy, Not

    Technology is key to

    Digital Transformation

    Objective & Periodic

    validation of directional


    Duh! Of course it takes

    a village. Culture

    eatsRisk EthicsSecurity

  • Not This Do That

    7/24/2017 16

  • Business Process ManagementNOT THIS

    I love the new app that allows to scan the items in the cart and pay for them digitally. But my appreciation for their foray into digital transformation faded very quickly when I had to return something. The electronic receipt did not suffice. I needed my physical membership card and my physical credit card to get it done! Ajith K

    Digital transformation is looking beyond shiny apps and websites.

    We need to re-architect the business processes

    to empower our customers to self-direct

    their experiences.

    Avoid brick-walls and dead ends that jolts them to unexpected physical interactions.

  • Business Process ManagementDO THAT

    Vehicle History Reporting Company Connected Business processes

    Rooted in a single question:

    How can my service become indispensable for the dealer?

    The answer requires various function to work together, connect processes and correlate to derive intelligence.

  • Business Process ManagementTHE TAKEAWAY

    Instrument for intelligence on outcomes you enable

    Think impact to cycle times, agility, ease of use

  • Customer Experience and Engagement NOT THIS

    The Booking appears to have been completed elsewhere than on < .com> with either a travel agent or another location

    Dont throw a tantrum that spells, If not from my website I will make your experience poor

    Ditch the short sighted view - Broaden your


    Trade Global for International!

  • Customer Experience and Engagement DO THAT

    An airline designing seamless experience

    Engage at the customers touchpoint

    Engage at the customers touchpoint

    Fold their needs and progress into your value proposition

    Picture Credit : KLM Airline blog

  • Customer Experience and Engagement THE TAKEAWAY

    Focus on customer and employee Progress

    Prioritize Emotional Engagement

  • Product and Services


    Comfort in market share of

    current product!

    Over Experimentation

    Improving productivity

    Ease of Upgrade

    Offer adjacent services

  • Product and ServicesTHE TAKEAWAY

    Focus on customer outcomes and empowerment

    Proactive, Predictive and Personalized services

  • IT is the root cause of


    Failed Projects

    Need Citizen IT

    Using for Competitive


    Analytics Engine

    IT/OT bridge

  • Information TechnologyTHE TAKEAWAY

    Learning tool & Culture enabler

    Runtime efficiency conscious

  • Organization Culture


    Overwhelmed by Data

    Revisit every Decision /

    Consensus Driven

  • Organizational CultureTHE TAKEAWAY

    Purpose driven not pressure driven

    Playing for the long game be comfortable with data

  • Strategy


    Boxed and Controlled

    Comfort in Tag line

  • StrategyTHE TAKEAWAY

    Staying true to the Core configurations

    Why are we in the business in the first place

  • Ecosystem


    Viewing as Supplier, Creator or


    Recognizing multi-sided market

    Position in Value Network

    Think of Adjacent Services

  • EcosystemTHE TAKEAWAY

    Value Network

    Multi-sided marketplace

  • Risk, Security & Ethics

    After hiring risk officers, financial institutions are taking more risks

    Economic gain vs Building Trust!

    Human dilemma experiments & the law!

    7/24/2017 33

  • Risk, Security & EthicsTHE TAKEAWAY

    Risk & Security Asset Model driving threat model

    Trust over failure

    EthicsAdaptive moral compassCompanies need to establish a moral compass

    They need a transparent adaptive process to evolve

  • Impact of Half-Measures!

    7/24/2017 35

  • Cultivating the practice and letting go!Remember Yoga attitude and Yoga Practice

    7/24/2017 36

  • What is Digital Transformation?

    Digital Transformation is fundamentally a strategy and an operation model, wherein, technological advancements are leveraged to improve the human experiences, operating efficiencies and to evolve the products and services that customers will remain loyal to.

    It is the consequence of (a) the ability to handle information in the digital form and (b) using digital technologies to manage the process of creating, capturing and analyzing information to deliver perceptive human-machine interaction experience. There is lot that needs to happen to pull this off.

    7/24/2017 37

  • Q&A

    7/24/2017 38Sketch & Picture Credits: Shreyas, Vidhya, Bing Search Creative Commons

  • What to Pursue? Lever Aspects AddressedBusiness Process Transformation (BPT)

    Right balance of process discipline and instrumentation, phased rolling-in of all parts of the enterprise to build intelligent insights.

    Using the same concepts of productivity and efficiency to understand customer behavior and interaction patterns.

    Building processes that matches customer and partner touchpoints.

    Customer Engagement and Experience (CEX)

    Experience is the emotion one feels about how they perceive, the product or service has fulfilled their expectations. It is subjective, ephemeral and qualitative making it hard to measure.

    Engagement is the behavior demonstrated by the interactions across touchpoints. It is intentional, measurable and quantitative. A touchpoint is where a human or a system and the enterprise interact.

    Correlate insights from business processes to deliver products or services that delights the customers, driving continually increasing revenue.

    Product or Service Digitization Creating products or services that is focused on the outcomes the customer wants. It may involve the use of digitization and/ordigital twins to promote effectiveness in the usage of the product or service.

    IT and Delivery Transformation Applying the same business process optimization, interaction insights and customer experience driven product development to IT operations of the enterprise. Arriving at consistent agility across IT and other functional area