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Digital Transformation Research Institute - Capgemini Consulting

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  • 1. The challenges of a digital revolution Talking about a revolution Digital Transformation: Making it Happen N05 January 2014 Gearing Up for Digital Operations The Second Machine Age - Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee ABB and the Evolution of Robotics - Dr. Per-Vegard Nerseth The Implications of 3D Printing for Manufacturing and the Wider Economy - David Reis UPS: Putting Analytics in the Drivers Seat - Jack Levis How HMRCs Big Data Solution is Helping Transform the UKs Tax System - Mike Hainey edX and the Transformation of Learning through Big Data - Anant Agarwal The Missing Link: Supply Chain and Digital Maturity - Capgemini Consulting Backing Up the Digital Front: Digitizing the Banking Back Office - Capgemini Consulting Putting Digital at the Heart of Europe - Neelie Kroes BIG DATA 3D PRINTING Gearing Up for Digital Operations Accelerating Digital Transformation @capgeminiconsul Joe Gross ... And Receiving Critical Acclaim from Industry Analysts Recognized as a Top 5 consultancy for Thought Leadership Edward Haigh, Director at Source Capgemini Consultings thought leadership about digital transformation is of a consistently high standard. Where can you find our Research? Capgemini Consulting digital transformation offering is grounded in robust research. Engaging in Conversations with Digital Thought Leaders Anant Agarwal Martha Lane FoxAdam Pisoni Dr. Per-Vegard Nerseth Vice President of the European Commission Co-founder and CTO of Yammer Vice-President and Head of Robotics at ABB President at edX UK Digital Champion MIT Center for Digital Business MIT Center for Digital Business Head of Group Market Management at Allianz A Team of Digital Research Experts... Andrew McAfee What is the future of bank branches? How can organizations bridge the digital skills gap? How can governments benefit from open data? How mobility acts as an enabler for digital transformation? How can retailers drive footfall in-store through digital innovation? Are Organizations Ready For A Multi-Trillion Dollar Internet of Things Opportunity? Curious and Passionate about Digital Technologies ...Producing Insightful Analyses on Digital Transformation of Sectors and Functions Working Globally Neelie Kroes ... A Compilation of Perspectives on Digital Transformation Published Twice a Year Recent interviews Erik Brynjolfsson

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