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Cnet Networks Business Influencer Research

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Shows research done to look at what the size of a business persons personal network is, and what motivates them to influence others.What makes something viral.

Text of Cnet Networks Business Influencer Research

  • 1. 2007 Influencer Study A New Model for Influentials March 2007
  • 2. Influence Is a Hot Topic It matters. It is not well understood.
  • 3.
    • What is influence?
    • How does it work?
    • What role do our sites play?
  • 4. Approach
    • Internet survey: January 07
    • CNET Networks Business sites:
    • Control Group: Use portals for Tech content
  • 5. What Is Influence?
  • 6. What Is a Personal Network for CNET Networks Business member? People you communicate with regularly Neighbors Adult family Co-workers Church/Civic groups Close friends Casual friends 9 7 13 4 19 9
  • 7. Different People, Different Networks 11-99 Connections Average ~ 42 Moderately Connected Less Connected 10 or Fewer Connections Average ~ 6 Highly Connected 100+ Connections Average ~ 162 Casual friends Neighbors Adult family Co-workers Church/Civic Close friends
  • 8. Impact of Technology
  • 9. Most People Live in the Middle 100+ Connections 11-99 Connections 10 or Fewer Connections
  • 10. The Real Shape of Influence Highly Connected Moderately Connected Less Connected
  • 11. How Does Influence Work?
  • 12. What Motivates Influence? Knowledge Confidence Influence Self-Worth
  • 13. Flow of Information among CNB members PUSH PULL Less Connected Moderately Connected Highly Connected 56% 70% 74% Love to tell people about something new Ive learned 56% 70% 80% People ask my opinion and often follow my advice
  • 14. What Are They Talking About? Lots of Things. 11 11 10 Average # Topics of Interest Highly Connected Moderately Connected Less Connected
  • 15. Emergence of the Sleuth
    • Not an expert, but savvy at finding credible info
    • Enabled by the web
    • Often forwards links
  • 16. In Their Own Words Pete, CEO on 3 rd Tech Start Up Uses CNET and Tech Republic I would say influencing in a given week 20 to 30. Maybe more. Maybe 50. I think coming to me is maybe a little misleading because like I said I tend to put myself in the middle of these situations. I guess I get satisfaction out of it. Like Im going through all of these different Web sites to get something for me but I tend to retain a lot of information and I just kind of sock it away. So when people present problems whether they directly ask or I just observe I want to put that puzzle together. I want to put that piece where it fits. I want to justify all of that time spent on the Web site.
  • 17. What Role Do CNET Networks Business Sites Play?
  • 18. Unique & Trusted Info Fuels Influence Influence Unique Trusted Confidence
  • 19. Unique Gives me information that most of my friends dont have.
  • 20. Trusted I trust the information I find there more than on a lot of web sites .
  • 21. Builds Confidence Builds my confidence in my knowledge of things I am interested in.
  • 22. Feeds Influence I often find things I can't wait to share with other people.
  • 23.
    • A majority are interested in:
    CNET Networks Business Video Gaming
    • Average personal network = 60 people
    • Asked advice on an average of 10 topics
    Tech/CE Music Wellness/Healthy Living Travel Money & Investing Restaurants Exercise/Fitness Cooking Cars and auto trends Outdoor Sports
  • 24. What We Learned
      • What is influence practically speaking?
      • Personal networks
      • Multiple categories of interest
      • What motivates someone to influence another?
      • Fuels emotional self-worth
      • Thrill of the hunt
      • What is CNET Networks role?
      • Offer unique information
      • Be a trusted source
  • 25. Copyright 2006 CNET Networks, All Rights Reserved. Questions

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