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DESCRIPTION Would you like to design your own cake for your special occasions or want to choose one of the cakes form our store? Build A Cake is the place where you will find options to design your own Cakes Melbourne or buy from the gallery.

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  • 1. Build A Cake

2. Who We Are We offer innovative and unique ideas for cakes in Melbourne Now buyers can choose and build their own birthday cakes Melbourne we also offer our own range of designs and ideas for tasty and beautiful cakes Melbourne There is one in store for every special occasion 3. What We Offer Build your own cake Birthday cakes Special occasion cakes Standard cakes Cupcakes Biscuits Cake accessories 4. Why Us We offer a wide range of special designs for special occasion Trusted and safe ingredients We help our patrons to make a cake of their own choice and taste We offer all assistance with cake accessories and ingredients for special occasion cakes 5. Contact Us Address : 399 hampton street, Melbourne VIC 3188 Australia Phone No. (03) 9521 6700 6. THANK YOU For More Information You Can Visit