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INTRODUCTIONThe bodywork was constructed of steel, attached to a foundation of concrete slabProceeds to date have been used to repay loan and family upkeepFuture plans: Add one other floor of stalls above the ground floorMonthly rent: Ksh 5,000 ($50)

STALLS 1 - 2

Combat ElectricalsGreen Office

STALL 1 COMBAT ELECTRICALSRun by a young man whose uncle started him off by buying initial stock & paying first rentHe uses income to save up for college educationHis major setback: He supplied a contractor constructing a block of flats, who refused to payThe case is still in court

STALL 2 GREEN OFFICEOccupied by a security firm, who pay rent quarterlyThey beef up security in the area as they deploy security people in the neighborhoodThe businesses around pay a security fee of Ksh 500 ($5) monthly

STALLS 3 - 4

3. Penniel Shop4. Hotel

STALL 3 PENNIEL SHOPA local general store also run by a young manHe is a fresh tenant since the previous one (a green grocer) had to be let go for non-payment of rentHis shop serves day to day commodity needs of community aroundFebruary 2017 was his first month

STALL 4 - 5


STALL 4 - 5 HOTELIt is owned by a single mother of twoThe second child arrived in Dec 2016 therefore it was closed in December and JanuaryShe provides food and soft beverages to surrounding businesses and homesShe is also a regular payer