Building Your Practice Profile Through Social Media

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Presented at eCommerce and the Law, The Commons Institute, Toronto, January 20, 2012


  • 1. Building Your PracticeProleThrough Social Media Connie CrosbyCrosby Group ConsultingThe Commons Institute eCommerce and the Law 2012 Toronto, January 20, 2012

2. Today: Social media statistics Why social media Blogging as a cornerstone Getting started 3. Social media statistics 4. Connies Disclaimer re: StatisticsThis is a brief snapshot put together from various sources, created for general interest. Please note because this was compiled from a number of sources, these numbers are not scientic. Additional sources of data should besought to conrm numbers given here before using them for business planning purposes. 5. LinkedIn world largest professional network more than 120 million members Canada: 4 million members Source: LinkedIn, August 2011 5 6. Twitter Over 200 million users (100 million activeusers) 200 million messages (tweets) sent perday 13.7% of Canadians are active usersSources: Twitter, June & September 2011and Digital Journal, December 20106 7. Facebook more than 500 million active users (almost 700 million according to InsideFacebook) 50% log in on any given day Canada: 16.8 million usersSources: Facebook, August 2011 and Inside Facebook, June 12, 20117 8. YouTube Canada: 17.6 million active users 71% of Canadian Internet users versus 55%of US Internet users 2 billion videos viewed by Canadians inNovember 2010 Source: comScore, January 2011 8 9. Google Plus launched end of June 2011 in closed beta open beta in September 2011 18-35 year olds largest demographic reached 20 million users after 3 weeks;67 million by November 2011 over 800k Canadian users after 3 weeks Sources: comScore, July & Dec2011, Google Plus blog 9 10. Use in Canada(millions of users active in the past month) 2015105Google+ LinkedIn 0Twitter FacebookYouTubeNote: data from various sources 10 11. Global mobile use 5.3 billion mobile subscribers or 77% of the worlds population growth is being led by India and China Source: mobiThinking, June 2011 11 12. Mobile in Canada 25 1/2 million mobile phone subscribers 10 million own smart phones 29% of mobile phone users visit socialnetworking sites from the mobile devices Source: Canadian WirelessTelecommunication Association,December 2011; comScore September 2011 12 13. Use in Canada (millions of users active in the past month)30 23 15 8Google+LinkedIn Twitter 0 FacebookYouTubeMobile 13Note: data from various sources 14. Why Social Media? 15. raise your prole highlight your knowledge/expertise connect directly with your clients/targetclient audience compete with the big guys 16. Blogging 17. Myblogging story 18. Blogging is.... Cornerstone to your Social Media Plan 19. Highlightyourexpertise Cornerstone to your Social Media Plan 20. HighlightRaiseyour yourexpertise prole Cornerstone to your Social Media Plan 21. Highlight Raiseyouryourexpertiseprole Cornerstone to your Social Media Plan Bring readersin fromsocial networks 22. Highlight Raiseyouryourexpertiseprole Cornerstone to yourBecome Social Media ndable Planonline Bring readersin fromsocial networks 23. Highlight RaiseyouryourexpertiseproleCornerstoneto your BecomeBuild Social Mediandablerelationships Plan online Bring readersin fromsocial networks 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. Getting Started 29. First Steps focus topic to appeal to audience pick site name get your domain set up website/blog(get web designer help?) create content! make it sustainable 30. Next Steps get blog listed -, ABA BlawgDirectory, subject-specic indices start small, build add in other social network tools get help (assistants, social mediaconsultants) listen, respond, engage! 31. Other networking tools LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Google Plus 32. JD Supra 33. Scribd 34. Legal OnRamp 35. Martindale Connected 36. Advanced Steps 37. Podcasting - Audio 38. Podcasting - Video 39. Create apps - mobile/social 40. Create apps - mobile/social 41. Create events - link to social 42. Create events- link to social 43. Caveats guidance from UK Law Society - practicenote client condentiality dont do anything stupid policy for staff - 44. Learn more! 45. Thank you! Connie CrosbyCrosby Group Consulting connie@crosbygroup.ca416-919-6719@conniecrosby @crosbygroup45