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  • INNODYNBusiness Growth Development

    Balancing Planned Growth and Dynamic Growth

  • Why Do Companies Fail 2014 Survey Results

    Top Three Reasons Why Established Companies Fail:

  • Management continued with a strategy that was no longer working for the company.


    #1 Reason

    Management focus was on executing a long-term strategic plan.

  • Company lost touch with the market and their customers.


    #2 Reason

    Management underestimated changes in the market and did not adapt to them appropriately.

  • Company had no entrepreneurial vision and no entrepreneurial capabilities.


    #3 Reason

    The workforce focus was primarily on executing a strategic plan.

  • 45.41%

    Internal Crisis Factors

  • External Crisis Factors

  • Strategic Planning: Recent Headlines

  • What would the fathers strategic planning have to say?

    Igor AnsoffKenneth Andrews

  • An Inconvenient Truth:

    Under conditions of high uncertainty, traditional strategic planning becomes less effective


  • Uncertainty

    High Uncertainty

    timeline nowthen





    speed ofbusiness


  • [ Try to find the best match between a firms resources and capabilities (its strengths) and the market opportunities. Defend against threats by fortifying weaknesses. ]

    Premise of Strategy Formulation & Planning (for Growth):

    Find a way to exploit opportunities better than competitors.

    Create a strategic plan to effectively execute the strategy.

  • But what exactly constitutes a market opportunity?

  • For years opportunities have been defined within the context of industry analysis - supply side economics.

    The basis of competition has shifted to individual value propositions and business models - demand side economics.

  • This means that opportunities now reside within the business realities that can that can signal possibilities for improving, extending or innovating value propositions and business models.

    ....or in other words,

    Demand Creation

  • The strategy formulation and planning process is still largely conducted by a small group of senior managers.

    Burden of the Past: Legacy Behaviors

    They use SWOT, PESTEL and Competitive Intelligence to identify the best growth opportunities.

    They are most often wrong.

  • But, where there is a lot of uncertainty in the business environment, there is a high assumption-to-knowledge ratio

    High assumptions / low knowledge

  • Under conditions of high uncertainty, the best opportunities cannot be identified by passive analysis of reality.

    Rather, opportunities must be discovered by enacting on business realities.

    Inquiry, observation, collaboration, experimentation, etc.

  • Further, business realities are continually presenting companies with a steady stream of potential opportunities and some threats.

    Under conditions of high uncertainty, achieving the best match must be a dynamic process happening all the time.

    The Opportunity Stream

  • Proactively improving and innovation business models, offerings and strategies in timely response to changes in the business environment with the aim of maximizing profitable revenue.

    The Need for Dynamic Growth

  • The workforce must have an entrepreneurial mindset in order to discover highly profitable opportunities hidden in plain site.

    But what is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

  • An entrepreneurial mindset is the ability to look at business realities from the perspective of demand creation possibilities.

  • The Enlightened Will See

  • The Dynamic Growth System

  • Satisfy unmet customer needs with

    a new offering

    Create value, deliver value and/or capture revenue in new ways

    Provide a better customer experience

    via an existing offering

    Satisfy related unmet customer needs with an existing offering

    Improve value creation, value delivery, and/or

    revenue capture

    Elevate the value proposition of an existing offering

    Improve Extend Innovate






    s M



    Value Enhancement Value Innovation

    [ Six Levers of Demand Creation ]

  • Business Realities Potential for Demand Creation?

    [ Entrepreneurial Insight Generator ]

    Opportunity & Threat Discovery

  • ValueEnhancement


    Entrepreneurial Insight

    Demand Creation

    Opportunity / Threat Discovery

    Entrepreneurial Mindset

    [ Dynamic Growth System ]

  • Uncertainty is not turbulence. It is opportunity!


    Uncertainty is not something to be avoided. It is something to be exploited.

  • Balancing Planned Growth and Dynamic Growth

    What does it look like?

  • Dynamic strategic planning results in a more strategically agile and entrepreneurial organization that is able to move with the speed of business to continually discover and exploit the best growth opportunities and effectively respond to formidable threats.

  • INNODYNBusiness Growth Development