Amazing Things to Do and See in Cambodia

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<ul><li><p>Amazing Things to Do and See in Cambodia </p><p>For vacationers wanting to surround themselves with history, allure, and charm, </p><p>Cambodia is the perfect place to travel. There is something for everyone here, including </p><p>freshwater fishing, a Mekong river cruise, magnificent temples, and a beach resort. </p><p>Contact the professionals at AmaWaterways to find out how you can capture your own </p><p>little piece of history in Cambodia. Listed below are some of the many sightseeing </p><p>destinations waiting just for you. </p><p>Banteay Srei </p><p>The Banteay Srei temple was completed in 967 AD, and it is beautifully constructed of </p><p>red sandstone, which during that time was also the choice for the many intricate wall </p><p>carvings that are still visible today. The temple was built for a counselor, making it the </p><p>only major temple in Cambodia that was not originally designed for a king. </p><p>Bayon Temple </p><p>King Jayavarman built the Bayon Temple during the 12th</p><p> century, and it has quite a </p><p>unique feature that makes it stand apart from the rest: 200 enormous stone faces gazing </p><p>about in every direction. Its believed King Jayavarman and Buddha inspired the faces, but historians dont know for certain. </p><p>Sihanoukville </p><p>This port city and beach resort, which is also known as Kampong Som, is located on the </p><p>Gulf of Thailand. Many tourists flock here during the holiday weekends to enjoy the </p><p>white-sand beaches and the vast assortment of undeveloped tropical islands. </p><p>Sihanoukville is the perfect haven for those in search of a little relaxation. </p><p>Mekong </p><p>The Mekong is the 12th</p><p> largest river in the world with an impressive span of 3,000 miles </p><p>through Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Thailand, China, and Vietnam. Mekong River cruises </p><p>have become a booming business with travelers who get to enjoy such sights as stilt </p><p>houses, floating markets, fish farms, fruit orchards, rice paddies, and much more. </p><p>Central Market </p><p>The Central Market in Phnom Penh is a large market that was constructed in 1937 and </p><p>designed by the French architect, Louis Chauchon. The four wings of the expansive </p><p>shopping area are teeming with such collectibles as antique coins, gold and silver, </p><p>apparel, clocks, flowers, books, food, fabrics, shoes, souvenirs, luggage, and a multitude </p><p>of other products. </p><p>Silver Pagoda </p><p>The Silver Pagoda is home to numerous national treasures, including the 17th century </p><p>Emerald Buddha of Cambodia and a gold Maitreya Buddha decorated with nearly 10,000 </p><p>diamonds. </p></li><li><p>Angkor Wat </p><p>Angkor Wat, which stands for City Temple, is the largest and most popular tourist attraction in Cambodia. A massive rectangular reservoir surrounds the Angkor Wat </p><p>temple, which rises up almost 700 feet through a series of rectangular terraces to the </p><p>center tower. </p><p>Siem Reap Night Market </p><p>This bustling marketplace has the aura of New Orleans during Mardi Gras season, and it </p><p>is great for travelers who want a little slice of the night life. There is never a lack of </p><p>things to do, and you will find plenty of spas, restaurants, and shops to keep you </p><p>entertained. </p><p>Let AmaWaterways help you plan the perfect vacation to Cambodia. Call or visit online </p><p>today to receive more information on these and numerous other amazing sights the </p><p>country has to offer. </p></li></ul>