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Many great businesses are engaging their clients and industry via company Blogs very successfully. Katie Laird of Schipul discusses some tactics and Social Media paradigms her organization has adopted to make their Blogs useful and exciting.

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BlogForward -

Katie Laird Schipul - The Web Marketing //

Oh crap, the marketing girl has a Blog How to Blog Forward and never look back

What well talk about...Look within for the passion you needBlogging life with SchipulPersonal branding and why its coolBlogging for Business, Blogging for the People

When they hired me

They had no idea what they were in for

... but they got one heck of a hyper employee!passionate

Who are YOUR biggest internal Blogger fans?

Meet Schipul - The Web Marketing

To connect and organize the worlds people. Do good.

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Security Comes FirstIn the face of potential crisis: Be painfully open Transparency FAST Publically appreciative / apologeticA crisis is not the time to start a Blog, but its a darn great time to already have one. 24 hours these issues had been addressed and, even more surprisingly, Schipul posted this issue and resolution to their blog This rapid, public response exemplifies a company who seeks to protect their brand, customer and end userThe Happy Ending

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