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2. Droplets aint droplets. Understanding droplet size. Different methods of application. Equipment Nozzles Getting the best from you chemicals through correct application. 3. Understanding droplet size. Measure Microns (m) (micrometers). One micron equals 0.001 mm. Droplet size is diameter of individual droplet Droplet spectrum is the distribution of droplets from a devise or nozzle to form classes 4. Equipment Types of application Surface/Soil 1. Fine surface spray 2. Surface spray 3. Flooding 4. Foaming Space 1. Fog 2. ULV 3. Mist 4. Aerosol 5. Thermal fogging, smoke generation Around 10 Micron Thermal foggers: uses high temperatures to produce large quantities of fog without degrading the active ingredient. Thermal foggers produce a very large quantity of very small droplets, very quickly. 1. Fog 6. 2. ULV Ultra low volume (ULV) fogging machines Fogging machines that use large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. This type of fogging machine can produce extremely small droplets with diameters ranging from 1-50 m. True ULV less than 50 m ULV often confused with misting Application: Mosquito control, Bird Control, Midges & other flying insects. Cyclone from Dyna Fog LR 18 Longray 7. 3. Mist Misting or cold fogging Droplet size 20 -150 m Very common in PCO Dynafog Hurricane Fogmaster TrijetLongray 2680 8. 4. Aerosol 9. Aerosol Invented 75 years ago by Eric Rotheim Took off in WW2 1st in Australia Mortein in 1950 0.1 to 50 m CFC banned Jan 1996 (chlorofluorocarbon) Aerosol Applicators B&G BOC Pestigas High-pressure (5,000kPa) Aerosol spray (droplets range 2-20). Non-flammable, liquid CO2 4. Aerosol 10. Actisol Compact UnitB&G - Portable Aerosol System 4. Aerosol 11. The influence of droplet size Increased coverage = Increase efficacy Turf Jet Turbo Teejet XR Flat fan 12. Surface Spray 1. Fine surface spray Back pack mister Fine nozzle 2. Surface spray Traditional pressure sprayer Truck mount, hand hose 13. Back pack mister Fast to apply Very even fine application Drift issue 11.5 M throw Huge range of droplet size Droplet sheer NB: Label states surface spray only 14. Patterns SSSS 1.SSS. a.SSS These classes (very fine, fine, medium, coarse, very coarse, and extremely coarse) 15. SSSS SSSS 1.SSS. a.SSS 16. Minimising Drift 34% driftable droplets 12% driftable droplets