A Guide to Empowering Champions Within Your Organization

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Is your company struggling to create an engaging and simple way for your employees to become brand advocates? Dell has created a successful certification program for employees and a way to harness these individuals' energy, enthusiasm and social networks. Learn more about how Dell was able to do this and start your champion program today: http://dell.to/1prkkZv.


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A guide to empowering champions within your organization


92% of consumers report that word of mouth recommendations from friends and family are the leading influencers of their purchasing behavior.

Employee motivation can positively impact shareholder ROI.

Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above average productivity.

Higher employee engagement scores can help market valuations rise over time.

Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2400 per employee per year.


Social culture begins with leadership team engagement and they set the example We offer extensive and evolving training, enforce robust Social Media and Community Certification and Governance requirements.

Maintain a publicly visible Global Social Media Policy. Social media activity at Dell is open and available to the entire workforce.

Our Social culture


Started During transformation of our brand in 2010 with initial champion program


More than 2,000 team members or 2% of employees over three years

Clubs by topic

Designate leaders to develop and share opportunities

Regional/local leaders

Engagement at the local level Dynamic portal on Intranet

Develop a simple structure for members to use to join, activity participation and recognition

Dell Champion program


Path for creating a successful program

Have an executive sponsor

Education and training

Create groups by topic

Regional/local advocates

Easy process to engage and


Track activity participation

Reward and recognize


Executive Sponsorship

Connect with your executive team to request a sponsor by presenting an overview of the vision for the network

The executive sponsor will be responsible for o Validating the charter

o Galvanizing employees to engage with the purpose of the network

o Share the value of the network with peers to encourage others to join

Invite the sponsor to speak at the first meeting o Welcome everyone

o Thank members for making an effort to be an example to others about how to bring the purpose to life through actions

Ask the executive sponsor to return to meetings once or twice a year to stay engaged with the network




Engage and empower employees to take action on behalf of Dell

Focus on social media and the importance of our brand and how it supports our business

Brand Certification

Strengthens interactions with our customers, each other and

our community to help them do more

Deep understanding of the brand and how to use the

brand as a filter in everyday actions

Social Media Certification

Dell has more than 25,000 customer conversations a day

We find new ways to engage our customers, have

collaborative discussion, generate buzz, evangelize our

brand, capture rich data and deliver on our mission


Reflect our brand and purpose through action

Recognized as brand and social media experts with the organization



Group examples Amplify


Community Service

Customer Experience

Recruiting Ambassadors

Regional Activities

Focused topics


Location of advocates

Deepen our ability to further collaborate

Influence behavior and encourage adoption

Enable dialogue


Make it easy to participate

Content that is easy to consume.

Keep the navigation simple.


Setting goals as well as providing regular updates supports energizing the program 1. Participants: Dell Champions can enter the web portal and track their own

activities and progress 2. Group leaders: Champion leaders receive status reports with participation for

each assignment as well as comments left by users in the web portal 3. Leadership team and executive sponsor: Quarterly reviews provide the leaders

invested in the program a summary of all club activity, total participants around the world, participants by business unit and location

4. All: Update all team members to share overall program progress and success stories as well as on-going program goals

Track progress


Develop a simple way to track

activity participation and reward


Set goals for employees to aspire

to within a specific time period.

Reward regularly

Amplify achievements internally at

staff meetings, town halls or

internal social media

Reward and recognize

Thank you!

Jennifer Newbill, Global PM Employment Branding


Nikki DeLeon, Global Marketing & Social Media