6 Rules of Un-Sales

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Six things that Sales needs to do to NOT be Sales...

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  • 1. The Six Rules of Un-Sales

2. 6 Rules of Un-Sales Sales has been grossly distorted. The Used Car Salesman. The person that pounces on you when you enter a store. The Flogger who pushes a product at you regardless of whether it is a good fit for you or not. The Pressure Man who beats you into submission and you are forced to buy just to avoid further torment. 3. 6 Rules of Un-Sales Is this what Sales should be doing? Not from where Im sitting. The redemption of Sales can only be achieved by obliterating Sales as we now know it and replacing it by sometime that customers value. We should redefine the function as Un-Sales The folks that DONT sell. 4. 6 Rules of Un-Sales Here are Six Rules of Un-Sales: Un-Sales Rule #1 - have a conversation with the customer to learn something about her that might be useful in satisfying what she wants. Un-Sales Rule #2 - by asking questions and listening, try and discover her SECRETS, the stuff no one else knows. Un-Sales Rule #3 - take notes of what you learn. No act shows that you care about what she says than note-taking. 5. 6 Rules of Un-Sales Un-Sales Rule #4 - adopt an active SERVING role. Let her control you. Find ways to make her feel good about your relationship. If she looks forward to seeing you, youre on the right track. Un-Sales Rule #5 - follow up regularly with her to make sure all is good. This is probably the biggest failure of the Flogger. No follow up communicates that you dont care. Stay away from this trap. 6. 6 Rules of Un-Sales Un-Sales Rule #6 - be a passionate Advocate for her inside your company. There is nothing worse for her than having to battle your bureaucracy when she needs something. Be there for her. Wage battle for her. Take the hits for her. And learn what its like doing business with your company. Maybe you can help improve it. 7. An Invitation Check-out www.bedifferentorbedead.comBlog Articles Connect and Engage with me 7 8. BE DiFFERENT Series8 9. BE DiFFERENT Series9 10. BE DiFFERENT Series10