5 Proven Ways to Leverage Net Promoter Score

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  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a powerful customer feedback system that determines how customers feel about your product or service.

    Why is NPS important?

    Work with Every Response

    Learn to Love Negative Feedback

    Encourage Social Media Promotion

    Personalize Customer Service

    Develop Your Brand

    5 Ways to

    Leverage NPS

  • How Does it Work?#1 Work with Every Response

    v Rather than simply looking at your overall NPS score, youshould be focusing on each single response.

    v Pay attention to things promoters love as well as investigating what your detractors dont like.

    v Think about what can be improved and come up with a solution for each detractor.

  • v If customers are unhappy with your product, their feedback should be thought of as a valuable resource.

    v Their comments is the advice that will make your customers (both new and old) happier, let your business develop and grow.

    #2 Learn to Love Negative Feedback

  • Everybody loves compliments and good

    reviews, but in reality, negative

    feedback is actually a lot more valuable.

  • #3 Encourage Sharing on Social Media

    A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is it is what consumers tell each other it is. Scott Cook,Co-founder of Intuit

  • Ask for recommendation

    Mitigate negative experiences

    Ask promoters to share content

    Ask promoters to leave a review

    HOW to


  • 73 %

    73% of customers like to share recommendations

    and suggestions from the company

    (Marketing Charts, 2015)

    43% of consumers are more likely to

    buy a new product when learning

    about it on social media.


    43 %

    33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred

    channels for communicating with


    (MarketingSherpa )

    33 %

  • How Does it Work?#4 Personalize Customer Service

    v Create an amazing customer experience by personalizing customer service. A personalized approach is sure to increase your chances of building a relationship.

    v Call your customers by their first name, ask them how things are going. Show that you genuinely appreciate and value them.

  • 40%






    Better human service

    Integrate more channels

    Enriched content

    Web assistant or avatars


    Support social communities

    By far, the most requested improvementfrom customers was Better human


    Source:TheCostofPoorCustomerServicebyGenesys GlobalSurvey,2009

  • v Make sure your product service meets all the needs and expectations of your customers

    v Improve existing features

    v Implement new features to the product

    #5 Develop Your Brand

  • More info

    Read:5 Steps to Become Customer Success Hero

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