13 Ways to be an Awesome Guest Speaker

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If you are ever asked to be a guest speaker for an organization, these 13 tips by Prof. Barbara Nixon from Southeastern University will help you prepare.

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  • 1. Barbara13 Ways to be anAwesomeGuest Speaker Barbara B. Nixon

2. Learn aboutyour audience 3. Tailor for your audience 4. Create social bookmarks 5. Upload to Slideshare 6. Know your technology 7. Plan for the technology to fail 8. Only show what audience needs 9. Dont count on an Internet connection 10. Have a speakers toolkit 11. Be able to expand or contract 12. Allow for extra travel time 13. The show must go on 14. Contact MeBarbara B. Nixon, Ph.D. (ABD)Assistant Professor, Communication DepartmentSoutheastern UniversityLife Member & Past Presidentof the International Listening Association (listen.org) E-mail: bnixon@auburnalum.org Twitter:barbaranixon Skype:barbara.b.nixon Blog: publicrelationsmatters.com