13 trends that will drive seo in 2016

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13 Trends That Will Drive SEO in 2016

13 Trends That Will Drive SEO in 2016Presented By,Chennaiseocompanywww.Chennaiseocompany.in

IntroductionWe know how search engine works, how the search engine algorithm works. How they could affects your website?Follow the latest trends that will drive SEO in 2016. Prepare your site based on these trends.Lets check them out below:

SEO AnalysisAs per the latest SEO analysis, users can use to search only on the longer tail keywords. But in mobile search users has use only short term words. because they were lazy to search using mobile device.Lets have the trends in the SEO.To Know more trends from top SEO Company in Chennai.

Trends-1Page tagging and structure tags will be critical for mobile optimization.

Trends-2Deep links make app store optimization even more important.

Trends-3Search engine strive for relevancy with local and voice search.

Trends-4Rise of Rich and to-the-point answers with introduction of knowledge graph.

Trends-5Higher engagement with interactive content like GIFs will fill timelines.

Trends-6Chances of user behaviour becoming a ranking factor.

Trends-7Optimizing page speed would matter as much to search engines as itd be to users.

Trends-8Higher ranks might not bring expected organic clicks.

Trends-9Real time panda update might change a lot of strategies.

Trends-10Video content will get Prominence due to higher engagement value.

Trends-11Expect Digital assistants to change how we search for queries.

Trends-12AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will improve SEO and UX.

Trends-13Increase preference for content with higher word count.