10 Tips To Promote Your City Event

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<ul><li> 1. 10 TIPS TO PROMOTE YOUR CITY EVENTMikkel Bechshft, Bysted A/S </li></ul> <p> 2. &gt; This presentation was made for a seminar about city events in Copenhagen&gt; Bysted is one of Denmarks largest communication agenciesBysted work with: &gt; Events &amp; exhibitions &gt; Experiences &gt; Communication strategies, analysis and campaigns &gt; PR &gt; Websites &gt; Design and visual identity 3. what is going to happen?what is so special about city-events? then why do we have to promote them? ok, then give me some ideas 4. what is so special about city events? 5. Bad: Street riot in Copenhagen Good: Gay pride in Copenhagen They are good positive experiences 6. The international Vildbjerg football cup has made the town of Vildbjerg known to many (young) people in Europe They can put a town on the map 7. The Madonna concert in Horsen, Denmark was the first time Madonna visited Denmark in her careerThey are unique one time experiences 8. Woodstock is still talked about alot They create a special bond between the participants 9. The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is funny and surprising The break everyday city life 10. The Earth Hour event sends a strong message to politicians around the worldThey can send a strong message 11. Sidney volunteers park They involve citizens 12. On the way to Roskilde Festival to spend a lot of money..They can increase tourism, revenue and jobs 13. then why do we have to promote them? 14. It is all about 15. SALES! 16. The Copenhagen carnival is very dependent on the weatherEvents are economically fragile products 17. No tickets sold? An audience is a prerequisite for the existence of events 18. 30.606 events in the Danish culture-network KultuNaut but the audience have many options 19. Copenhagen was voted Best Liveable City 2008 by Monocole magazine Tourists and foreign attention is valuable 20. Skanderborg and Vesterbro festivals advertise more than six months prior to the events. That creates positive expectations. and creating the right expectations through marketing can be half of the event itself 21. Events are special because: they are not like physical products every event is unique and experienced in a different way by each member of the audience if no one buys a ticket then the income is lost forever unlike e.g. in a restaurant where the same table can be sold the next evening 22. Then how am I going to promote my event? 23. Incorporate your event experience in the marketing strategy before, during and after the event Be unique like your event is Try to find the good story in your event Surprise your potential audience Be inspired by the promotion and history of former similar events 24. ok, then give me some ideas 25. public relationssense-marketing street promotion web bannerssponsorship radiodirect-mail viralsmstvwikieswebsite outdoor web videostuntscross-promotion mini-eventsgoogle ads 26. All the traditional channels can be usedits all about how you use them 27. WEB 3 great examples of event websites 1. London Olympics 2. Spot festival, rhus, Denmark 3. World Outgames 2009 28. YOU TUBEGet on You Tube andconnect with your audience1. London Olympics2. Spot festival, rhus,Denmark 29. COMMUNITY + WIKIUse a community or Wiki to interactwith your audience and get them toreturn to your website even afterthe event1. World Outgames 20092. Wiki example 30. NETWORK Use your network! 1. Sonar, Barcelona 2. City Events seminar, Copenhagen 31. LISTINGSGet on eventful, regonline, etc. 32. PRFind the unique story ofyour event and sell it to thepress.Skanderborg festival madebeer cans to sleep in that was a unique story! 33. AD CAMPAGINS Often your marketing budget is relatively limited running ads might be too costly compared to the effect OnlineSpecial-outdoor Too expensive? 34. USE THE SENSES Mmmtruck smell How does Roskilde festival smell? Mmmcoffee 35. WARM-UP EVENTSPre-event in the Copenhagen Metro Sidney celebrated the Olympics nomination with a big fireworks show the promotion had begun 36. GUERILLA Surprise your audienceWorld Outgames in Montreal The tv-channel Zulu put their mascot-man where their open-air cinema would be set up during summer in Copenhagen WWF used a strong projector to promote Earth Hour 37. VIRAL Viral marketing is much more than making a funny video i.e. use Google Calendar to get your audience to spread information about your event to their own network 38. SUPPORTERS Get politicians, royals and business people to support your event 39. GOOD LUCK go for it 40. MIKKEL BECHSHFT BYSTED A/SCopenhagenwww.bysted.dk </p>